EZOware 7 Drawer Makeup Organizer

So if you love makeup, this organizer is a must have!  My daughter loves makeup and has subscriptions to a few makeup boxes.  While she gives away anything she knows she won’t use, there is still a plethora or items she keeps.  She used to keep them in several makeup bags but she could never find anything.  She would get so frustrated looking in bag after bag for a certain makeup item.  On top of that, with all the rummaging around everything would be coated with makeup dust or caps would fall off etc.

Well, when the box arrived and I told her to open it, she assumed that I just needed help cutting it open.  When she took it out of the box, her eyes got very big and she was like “OMG” and she clutched it to her chest indicating that she hoped that the reason I had her open it was that it was intended for her.  Needless to say that within 5 minutes she had every makeup bag she had opened and she was organizing and filling up the organizer.

Some important things to know about this cosmetic makeup organizer:

  • This is a heavy duty acrylic that is strong enough to hold the makeup without the plastic bending or warping.
  • The small handles on each drawers are easy to grip and pull out
  • The drawers easily pull completely out.  My daughter might pull out a drawer with similar products (primer, foundation, concealer etc.) and use the products from the drawer, before putting it back in its place.
  • The top is nice and completely flat so it makes a great storage spot to put your large makeup eye shadow palettes that are too large for organizers.
  • Being clear it allows you to see in an instant exactly what is in each drawer.
  • This organizer is large and will hold more makeup than the average individual has.

This cosmetic organizer has made makeup application far less frustrating for my daughter and looks great on a dresser or on a bathroom counter.  If someone you know loves makeup, you MUST get them this organizer.

Compared to other organizers I have seen, this one is one would be considered lower in price than most.  That in itself makes this even storage case even more awesome.

You can purchase this EZOWareCosmetic Case on both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com


Time 100 Ladies Black Fashion Watch

I am finding more and more people are wearing watches that never wore them before.  I think part of it is that some people were on their phones 24/7 and are trying to keep their phones from being in their hands 24/7 and putting them in their pockets and purses and when thy need to know the time they are wearing a watch.  Trust me, I think I now more than the average person all of the great things about the Internet, but I am also personally aware that the Internet can be addictive for some people and they need to control how much time they spend on it.  Pulling out your watch just to know the time often leads to checking mail, checking messages etc. so a watch is a good way to prevent that.

Another reason is that fashion watches are very reasonably priced and come in so many different styles they are being used as a fashion accessory.  The Time 100 Watches are a perfect example.  Let me introduce you to this very sexy black watch that is water resistant and will draw a lot of attention when you were it.

The face of the watch is black and inside the raised glass cover is an octagon track that contains 32 crystals.  There are 4 faceted diamonds on the 3,6,9 and 12 markers.

The band has cyrstals right by the watch head and the straps is stainless steel in a black inlay.  It is just beautiful and you can get this quality watch at a very reasonable price.  This watch would make the perfect gift to the fashion minded person.

You can purchase this watch on Amazon.ca and well as Amazon.com

YOLEV 4 Pack Crew Socks

In my house, we have an extremely active sock monster, in fact I have a feeling we might have an entire heard of them lurking somewhere in the house.  They are however not greedy monsters and would never think of taking an entire pair of socks, rather, they take just one.   Not only do I have problems with missing socks, I have issues with getting quality socks at a reasonable price.  I have bought the cheap ones, but they stretch out, are thin, and far too soon they get holes in them.

So I am always in the market for quality socks and I have found some very nice ones.  The Yolev Socks are unisex crew socks that come in a package of 4 (2 black, 1 white, 1 gray).  The language on the packaging is in German, however they are antibacterial, breathable and thicker than most socks at your local department store, which makes them perfect for use in cold weather.  They are quality made, perfect stitching with no loose strings.

The fit is great, there are no large “bumps” that can become annoying in shoes and they stay up.  They are very comfortable and I love the soft feel of them.  I like them so much, that these socks are going directly from my feet into a mesh laundry bag so the sock monsters can’t get them.  Quality matters when you are on your feet all day and these thicker socks will provide you with some cushion without being too thick for your shoes.

You can purchase the Yoleve Socken at Amazon.com as well as Amazon.ca

BESTOPE 32 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Twenty years ago the average woman knew little about make-up application and most had only one or two makeup brushes.  We would have a blush brush and maybe a lipstick bursh and just used the foam applicators that came with our eyeshadow.  Boy have things changed!

Social media and it’s beauty blog has enabled your average teen or woman to become extremely proficient at applying make-up.  There are countless tutorials on how to achieve a certain look.  This trend however means that the average woman has far more make-up than her predecessors and the thought of having only 2 makeup brushes is unthinkable.

All that being said, not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on make-up brushes so we often search for quality made brushes at a reasonable price.

BESTOPE has a 32 piece brush set that has every brush you will ever need and it comes in a nicely pouch to keep them organized, all for the price of a pizza.  This is the perfect set to give to our young daughters who are just getting into beauty blogs or for the seasoned person who just can’t spend a lot on brushes.

These brushes are synthetic so no animals were harmed in the making of the brushes, an important thing to remember.  Synthetic brushes are also more hygienic than animal (natural) makeup brushes that are often made from squirrels and other animals fur.

This set contains everything you will need from doing your eyebrows, applying foundation, eye makeup, blush, highlighting and more.  What a great gift this would make.  I personally plan on picking up a couple to give to my local women’s shelter that provides accommodation to women and children fleeing abuse.  They often leave with nothing and many have self esteem issues, so something like this may be very welcome!

You can purchase this 32 piece BESTOPE make-up brush set on both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

Meaneor Zip Up Long Sleeve Polo

I have been a fan of Meaneor clothing for awhile now because they are quality made and most of them come in a large size range from Small to XX-Large.

This particular top is available in several color combinations and I chose the Black with blue stripes and like how it looks.  Most of their line is very true to size, however for this particular product I found it did run a little small so I would suggest ordering one size up.

The material is a nice thickness without being too thick and has some Lycra in it so it does hug your curves a bit without feeling too snug.  The length hits me about mid hip so not too long, however it shouldn’t show your stomach when you lift your arms up.

Be sure to check out this great polo on Amazon.ca as well as Amazon.com

BRIGADA Ladies Watch

I have always loved watches because not only do they have a purpose but they can also be a fashion accessory.  Some people say “well I keep a phone with me that can tell the time” and while this may be true, I don’t always have my phone in my hand and I like quickly looking down at a watch.  Not only does it insure I don’t run late, but I find it helps prevent me from wasting time.  With phones we tend to pay more attention to the notifications and totally disregard the time unless we specifically look at it.

This Brigada watch for ladies is a very nice size and perfect for everyday use.  It is large enough that if you need reading glasses you should still be able to see what time it is without having to put on your glasses which is really important to someone like me.  It has three nobs in the side, but only the middle one is functional, the other ones are for decorative purposes only.  There are three small dials inside the watch face, one showing the day of the week, one the day of the month and one is a 24 hour clock.

The face is a very nice black with rose gold accents and it has an Italian leather wrist strap that has sufficient holes to fit just about every wrist size.

This is not an expensive watch but the quality and performance of the watch exceeds my expectations for a watch in this price range.  It also has a 2 year guarantee which is important especially for something you will probably wear on a daily basis.  It also comes with a cleaning cloth.

This would make a nice gift for someone that you want to give a gift to that you want to last without breaking the bank.

This watch is available for purchase on Amazon.ca and a similar watch in red on  Amazon.com as well.

YSIOP Fashion Necklace

I am always surprised by the number of women who don’t have any fashion necklaces.  Some never wear anything around their necks, others will only wear a gold cross or something of that nature. Boy, are they missing out on making a fashion statement.

Necklaces allow you to change the entire look of an outfit and turn it from ordinary to extraordinary.  Take one plain dress and simply by using different necklaces you can change the entire look of it.  You can make it office chic, club ready, bohemian or so many other styles.  Price ranges on fashion necklaces vary greatly, but what I like to do is see what celebrities wear, and then find something similar in a lower price range.

This YSIOP fashion necklace is a great necklace to have because not only is it very cute but you can also change it around a bit to suit your mood.  The necklace has 7 individual pieces which consists of 3 black rectangular stones as well as 4 flower shaped pieces.  Wear the necklace as is, wear just the black stone pieces, wear just the flower, wear one of each, or just one of the pieces.  As you can see, you can wear it so many different ways to change the look of things.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can take pieces from several different necklaces and put them together to make an entirely new necklace, the possibilities are endless.  So keep that in mind when selecting necklaces and keep your eyes open for one that have removable pieces such as this one.

The price point on this necklace is a steal and makes it very affordable to the average person especially when it allows so many different options.

You can purchase this necklace  Amazon.ca