Imuto Taurus x4 Power Bank

Imuto Taurux x4 Smart Power 20000mAh Compact Power Bank

The Imuto Power Bank is a little different than most I have reviewed.  Most power banks have 4 tiny lights on it that give you an idea how much charge is left in the bank with 4 stars meaning it has a full charge.

This Imuto Power Bank gives you a more precise level by displaying a number.  This allows you to know exactly how much it takes to charge your phone and hence lets you know if you will need to recharge the Power Bank prior to an outing.

Like all the other power banks I have reviewed it does have a small attached flashlight and I love this feature as it comes in handy if you need it in on a road trip, to find something you accidentally dropped it in the dark or in case of a power outage.

This power banks is also shaped a bit different, it is shorter than most, but also thicker and some people may prefer this feature.  It also comes with a small bag to hold the power bank as well as a charging cord.

I am such a huge fan of power banks and everyone I have ever introduced them to have made getting one a priority.  You never have to worry about getting a flat tire on a lonely road and your phone being dead if you keep a charger handy.  These also aren’t just for phones, they will charge up any USB powered device which is something to keep in mind.

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Poweradd Power Bank

I am currently obsessed with power banks because not only are they useful, but they are so convenient and they sure cut down on frustration.  As a parent I worry if my daughter is out at night and her phone is dead, so we make sure there is one in the car when she goes out so if she needs to charge her phone, it’s available and she doesn’t have to sit in the car while it charges, she can just throw it in her purse.  They can also be put in backpacks if you are out on a hike to ensure you can stay connected in case of emergency.  We even use them around the house a great deal because the kids will often just sit and use them in a chair if an electrical outlet is not nearby.  They charge phones fast and will also charge pretty well anything that can be charged or run off of a USB port.

Power banks aren’t all that expensive and the range in price is generally related to how much power it can store.  Choose smaller ones if they won’t be used often or only by one person, or choose bigger ones for family road trips so everyone can get a charge out of the same powerbank.  These are also great if your power goes out, so you won’t worry about your phone dying.  This sized power bank will charge your iPhone 3-4 times before it needs to be recharged.  It also has 4 lights on it showing how much charge is available with each light representing approx 25% power.

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