BESTOPE 32 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Twenty years ago the average woman knew little about make-up application and most had only one or two makeup brushes.  We would have a blush brush and maybe a lipstick bursh and just used the foam applicators that came with our eyeshadow.  Boy have things changed!

Social media and it’s beauty blog has enabled your average teen or woman to become extremely proficient at applying make-up.  There are countless tutorials on how to achieve a certain look.  This trend however means that the average woman has far more make-up than her predecessors and the thought of having only 2 makeup brushes is unthinkable.

All that being said, not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on make-up brushes so we often search for quality made brushes at a reasonable price.

BESTOPE has a 32 piece brush set that has every brush you will ever need and it comes in a nicely pouch to keep them organized, all for the price of a pizza.  This is the perfect set to give to our young daughters who are just getting into beauty blogs or for the seasoned person who just can’t spend a lot on brushes.

These brushes are synthetic so no animals were harmed in the making of the brushes, an important thing to remember.  Synthetic brushes are also more hygienic than animal (natural) makeup brushes that are often made from squirrels and other animals fur.

This set contains everything you will need from doing your eyebrows, applying foundation, eye makeup, blush, highlighting and more.  What a great gift this would make.  I personally plan on picking up a couple to give to my local women’s shelter that provides accommodation to women and children fleeing abuse.  They often leave with nothing and many have self esteem issues, so something like this may be very welcome!

You can purchase this 32 piece BESTOPE make-up brush set on both and


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