Native American Play Tent

I have a small amount of Native American ancestry and so when I was little, I became obsessed with anything Native American.  As I grew older I learned more of their culture, their hardships and sadly, how badly they were, and still are treated.  In the city I live, we have a festival that runs several weekends every summer.  We have a very large number of ethnic “villages” set up all over our city and people go from one village to another.  We watch their dances and performances, we drink their spirits and we eat their food.  We buy their clothing and products and help them celebrate their culture.  To us, it is not cultural misappropriation, but rather cultural celebration.  This festival brings us together as a community and lets us learn about each other in a positive manner.

That is how I take this play tent, while some may think it is wrong, I happen to think that it celebrates a people who deserve to be celebrated and we can teach our children the positive aspects of Native North American people so they will grow up to respect and look up to them.  Play has always been a way for children to learn, so this tent can be the stepping stone to teach your children about the value of respecting nature, about caring for the environment and perhaps an introduction to Native American crafts.

This tent is actually very nice and a good size too.  It can easily fit 2 children in and if space permits you can keep it up indoors and use it as a place to store things like stuffed animals when the tent is not in use.  It is made of fabric as opposed to plastic so it should last for a long time if cared for.  It only takes about 5 minutes to put together and disassembles and goes back in its storage bag in about the same amount of time.

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Arshiner Girl’s Trench Coat

Little Red Riding Hood

This isn’t the first time I have featured items from Arshiner, and I’m sure it won’t be the last because they have so many adorable things for little girls that are also very well made.

I have simply fallen in love with this little red coat!  First lets talk about the color.  I am sure I am not the only one that has ordered things that were red online and when they arrived it was not the red you expected, or it was a washed out red, or just simply not actually red.  Let me tell you this coat is an absolutely beautiful shade of red, a rich shade that is not in the least washed out looking.  I love how the big black buttons stand out against the red and am so happy they didn’t design it with small buttons, because these buttons really add something to the design.

The jacket is also very well made, features a nice lining and the hood is detachable thankfully because you may not always want, or need a hood so being able to keep it off is important.  I can just see this coat with a black velvet dress underneath going to a holiday event.  Ok, so obviously I am in love with this Arshiner Coat and you will be too.  It also comes in a lovely Khaki color in Canada and Khaki and Pink in the U.S.

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Zufy Backseat Organizer

Parents need this!

I admit, I hate clutter and as my mother used to tell me “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.”  At the time I didn’t understand how true her words were, but as I got older and had responsibilities I understood that being organized cuts down on a lot of stress in your life and you don’t waste your time looking for things, because everything has a designated spot.

My car however was never prepared for all the things that came with keeping children amused in the car especially on road trips.  Things were always on the floor, stuck between the cushions of the seat, under the front seats etc.  This Zufy organizer however will make a huge difference in keeping your car clutter free.  It has pockets for water or juice bottles, pencils and crayons, books, stuffed animals, even things like diapers and wipes.  Best of all it uses space that is unused, the back of the seat.  These would make long road trips so much easier because you can keep so many things to amuse the little ones, however, even if the car is full of adults, they too will enjoy having all the space to store things for the trip.

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Bravolink Baby Heartbeat Monitor

There is no event more special than being pregnant and getting ready to welcome that new baby into the world.  One of the things I loved was listening to the babies heartbeat and loved when I heard it through stethoscope.

Well all expectant moms will just love this Baby Heart Monitor that allows two people to listen to the babies heartbeat at the same time.  Share the job of pregnancy with your family and friends by letting them listen to the baby.  You can also record the sound so that in the future you can let your child listen to what their heart sounded like in the womb.

You can also listen to your own heartbeat so you can continue to use the monitor even if you aren’t pregnant and let your children, listen to their own heartbeats or yours.  I have to admit, we even listened to our dogs!

What a great gift for an expectant mother!  Comes with the monitor, a cord to record the heartbeat and 2 sets of earphones.

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Arshiner Classic Girls Ballet Leotard

Pretty in Pink

So many parents enroll their little girls in dance classes and there is just nothing sweeter than seeing them dance around in their little leotards and huge smiles on their faces.  From experience I know though that there is a huge difference in quality in dance leotards and as a parent I always insisted on quality for two reasons.  First they look better and secondly they last longer.

Arshiner does not make a large variety of dance wear but the things they make are beautifully made and look lovely on the little girls.  When your daughter puts her Arshiner Ballet Leotard on you will notice that it is made of thicker material so when stretched it will not become transparent like some cheaper ones will.  The seams are all nicely finished so they won’t fall apart and the skirt is nice a full and made of quality materials which will make her Ballet Leotard stand apart from inferior ones.

Inside the front of this leotard is a little area you can pull strings on to create a gathered area on the front of the leotard, or keep it as is.  Having the choice is nice and you can change it anytime you so desire.

Your little girls deserves the best and I just love this brand!

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The Princess and the Tutu

Arshiner Girls Tutu

Every little girls dream is to look like a ballerina or a princess with ruffles and lace.  They love dressing up to play or for photo shoots or putting on an adorable tutu to wear to dance class.  Well, I have come across the most adorable little tutu that I want to share with you.  This is a very well made tutu that does not become nearly transparent when stretched as many less quality tutu’s do.  It has this lovely satin ribbon around the entire top of it and it has a cute heart shaped neckline.  The straps are nice and wide and have elastic inside so they are sure to stay up and not fall down.  The tutu part is made of 3 layers of tulle, 2 plain black and the top one with silver sparkles.  The back has 3 adorable little crosses of velvet ribbon giving it a laced effect.  An exceptional little item that any little girl will love.  This item is available in black, light blue, pink and purple.

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