Himalayan Pink Salt Night Light

It seems everyone has been talking about Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps and I was delighted I was asked to review this night light.  Rock Salt Lamps come in many different sizes and the larger they are, the more expensive they are.  Salt lamps are each hand carved and each completely unique both in color and shape.

This one I was given to review is actually a plug in night light, and they aren’t that expensive, so it can allow you to check out salt lamps and see if they are for you without spending far more on larger ones.

These lamps are heavy, even this nightlight, although rather large for a night light is pretty darn heavy and that surprised me a bit.  My particular one has a very nice shape and a beautiful pinkish/amber color to it.  When turned on, I have to admit the color is stunning.

So what is the deal with Salt Lamps and what are their benefits?

  • Salt Lamps turn positive ions in the air and transforms them into negative ions which neutralize the electormagnetic  radiation caused by all of our electronics.  This in turn can reduce stress, fatique and help your immune system.
  • Salt Lamps take in moist air, and trap the  pollutants such as smoke, pollen, dust etc   This reduces allergy symptoms as well as cleaning and deodorizing the air.
  • The negative ions also help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, improve your moods and concentration and even helps reduce static electricity.

Larger lamps are perfect for living rooms etc. and the smaller lamps for smaller rooms and the night lights work great plugged in next to your bed as it well cleanse the air in your immediate vicinity.

The light from the night lights is a beautiful warm glow that won’t keep you awake and might actually help you drift off easier.

Give it a try!  This Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Night Light can be purchased on Amazon.ca as well as Amazon.com

If you are interested in a large table top lamp there is also a very nice 8″ one available as well

It is also available on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com


Laser Christmas Light

So you are probably wondering why I am writing about a Laser Christmas Light mid January.  Well I received this Laser Light a few days after Christmas, which was a disappointment however that didn’t last too long after I checked it out.  This laser light has 3 different color options, red, green or red&green combined.  This means that you can use this laser light at different times of the year which I think is a fantastic idea.

This light is so easy to set up, just stake it in the ground, plug it in and use the remote to control the light including a timer to have it automatically turn off.

So I think it would be a great idea to use the all red light show for Valentine’s Day, and the green one for St. Patrick’s Day and perhaps even Halloween.  Normally I don’t put up lights on those days but since it is so easy to set up I will to make things a little more festive looking.  It will just make these minor holidays seem a little more important and I for one think that is a great idea.

I also like the idea of using things like this more than once per year.  We spend so much on decorating during the holidays and once over, we pack everything up and don’t even think about it for another year and that is such a shame.  So when looking for laser lighting, consider this one that allows you the option of separating the colors so you can use them throughout the year.

This light is available at both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

Arespark LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights are a great way to add a little pizazz to an otherwise normal looking area of your house. They are also a DIY person’s dream as it allows you to easily add lighting to under cabinets, under bar edges or tables or even to the wall.  These have a sticky backing on them, so you just remove the backing tape and stick them wherever you want.  You can then control them via the remote control.  You can choose a certain color or have them change colors, flash etc.

There are so many options to choose from and it is an inexpensive way to take something from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes.  Change the colors according to your mood or the season or turn them off when you want.  At this price, it’s worth it to just grab a package and have fun!

You can purchase these LED Strip Lights on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I often see people put glass containers on their bathroom vanities to hold things like cotton balls, ear swabs etc.  Some people even use mason jars because they are cute, and cheap (usually under $1 each).  Well, this Mason Jar Soap Dispenser would go perfect with other mason jars filled with bathroom essentials.  It will also save you money if you buy those plastic pumps filled with hand soap, because you can buy hand soap in bulk containers and just fill this up as needed.

This is a simple little soap dispenser that holds a lot of soap so you won’t have to refill it that often.  One trick you can do is to buy clear refill soap and then add a couple drops of food coloring in a color that matches your bathroom decor.

This will also work with hand moisturizer, so you can pick up a second one, or put one with the moisturizer by your sink in your kitchen so you can moisturize your hands after each hand washing to keep them from getting too dry.

This Mason Jar Soap Dispenser is available on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

Newton’s Cradle

The first time I saw a Newton’s Cradle was in physics class and I have loved them every since.  I have seen many variations of them and this particular one is very nice indeed.  It has a modern flair to it, yet it is simple in design.

This Newton’s Cradle works very well and you can use it with 1, 2, 3, or 4 balls and they all work as they should.  These make great gifts for people with new offices, teachers, people with modern decor or people who are just hard to buy for.  They would even be a great gift to children to teach them the physics behind the cradle.

You can purchase Newton’s Cradle on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

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A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.

Paper Lanterns

Bring on the party!

Let’s face it, we aren’t all Martha Stewart clones and we are often so rushed in our everyday lives that it is hard to pull off a festive look with what little time and money we have to put towards it.  Well let me tell you, Paper Lanterns are a great solution!  These things are available in a huge selection of colors and several sizes, assemble in seconds, fold flat for storage and can be arranged in so many ways that your decorating will never be boring.  Use them for elegant dinners by the pool, use them in place of balloons at children;s birthday parties, sit them on dessert tables, string them with ribbons or put lights inside them to make them glow.  If you are having a children’s party, let the kids paint them using water paint and then display their artistry for years to come.

These lanterns are also very inexpensive and since they are reusable, they make perfect sense.  That also means they are environmentally friendly because you aren’t putting balloons into landfills which don’t decompose.

So grab some lanterns and get ready to add a festive touch to any event!

You can purchase these Paper Lanterns on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

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A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.

Green Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Blankets are very popular right now and there are so many different colors and styles I find myself wanting one of each!  Thankfully for me I get to review some of the nicest ones around and this Green Mermaid Tail Blanket by the company Not Home is a wonderful example of a nicely made Mermaid Blanket.

The color is just wonderful, a shade of mint green with flecks of white in it.  The yarn is soft and not heavy so perfect for those nights when you just have a slight chill.  It is made for adults so it should cover you completely.

The tail of this mermaid blanket is made a little differently than any other one I have seen.  It has a loop at the bottom that the tail is put through and this causes the area between the blanket and tail to become very narrow which is what it should look like, however if you want more room you can take it out of the loop and the area right before the tail becomes wider which might suit some people’s personal taste.

You can purchase this Green Mermaid Tail Blanket on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

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A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.