Everything old is new again

I remember when mp3 players first came out.  Everyone was so amazed at these new devices that would allow you to listen to music anywhere.  Then came the iPod which was basically an iPhone that couldn’t make phone calls, and bigger and bigger phones over time.  People who work out or go for walks now often find it cumbersome to bring a big phone, so they buy waist belts and arm bands just to accommodate them.

Finally a light went on and some people remembered their old mp3 players that were tiny little things that could be clipped on anywhere and their popularity has continued to grow once again.

This mp3 player is nice basic mp3 player which is great when you are just working out and don’t want to do anything more than raise or lower the volume or choose Previous Track, Next Track or Pause.  All you have to do is connect it to your computer via USB and charge it and while charging simply transfer songs from your computer onto the mp3 player and away you go.  This would also be a great alternative for children not allowed cell phones to listen to some music.  They also include ear buds so other than some music, there is nothing else you need.

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