Time 100 Ladies Black Fashion Watch

I am finding more and more people are wearing watches that never wore them before.  I think part of it is that some people were on their phones 24/7 and are trying to keep their phones from being in their hands 24/7 and putting them in their pockets and purses and when thy need to know the time they are wearing a watch.  Trust me, I think I now more than the average person all of the great things about the Internet, but I am also personally aware that the Internet can be addictive for some people and they need to control how much time they spend on it.  Pulling out your watch just to know the time often leads to checking mail, checking messages etc. so a watch is a good way to prevent that.

Another reason is that fashion watches are very reasonably priced and come in so many different styles they are being used as a fashion accessory.  The Time 100 Watches are a perfect example.  Let me introduce you to this very sexy black watch that is water resistant and will draw a lot of attention when you were it.

The face of the watch is black and inside the raised glass cover is an octagon track that contains 32 crystals.  There are 4 faceted diamonds on the 3,6,9 and 12 markers.

The band has cyrstals right by the watch head and the straps is stainless steel in a black inlay.  It is just beautiful and you can get this quality watch at a very reasonable price.  This watch would make the perfect gift to the fashion minded person.

You can purchase this watch on Amazon.ca and well as Amazon.com