YOLEV 4 Pack Crew Socks

In my house, we have an extremely active sock monster, in fact I have a feeling we might have an entire heard of them lurking somewhere in the house.  They are however not greedy monsters and would never think of taking an entire pair of socks, rather, they take just one.   Not only do I have problems with missing socks, I have issues with getting quality socks at a reasonable price.  I have bought the cheap ones, but they stretch out, are thin, and far too soon they get holes in them.

So I am always in the market for quality socks and I have found some very nice ones.  The Yolev Socks are unisex crew socks that come in a package of 4 (2 black, 1 white, 1 gray).  The language on the packaging is in German, however they are antibacterial, breathable and thicker than most socks at your local department store, which makes them perfect for use in cold weather.  They are quality made, perfect stitching with no loose strings.

The fit is great, there are no large “bumps” that can become annoying in shoes and they stay up.  They are very comfortable and I love the soft feel of them.  I like them so much, that these socks are going directly from my feet into a mesh laundry bag so the sock monsters can’t get them.  Quality matters when you are on your feet all day and these thicker socks will provide you with some cushion without being too thick for your shoes.

You can purchase the Yoleve Socken at Amazon.com as well as Amazon.ca


DEYARD Precision Screwdriver Set

If someone in your house repairs watches, computers, gaming systems, glasses or anything else that requires small tools they will love this DEYARD Precision Screwdriver Set.  The set comes with a remarkable 40 screwdriver heads and 7 ratchet heads, anti static tweezers, ratchet extension, base handle and a flexible ratchet extension.  In other words it has everything you need to work on the small stuff.

I know in our house we are constantly having to put batteries in toys that have tiny little screws to open the battery compartment and it can be a challenge.  I also seem to need to tighten the screw on my glasses.  There are so many uses for this set and the fact it all sits together in a compact little case means you should have it for many many years.

This set is so reasonably priced it would make a great gift for about the price you would pay for pizza delivery!

You can purchase the DEYARD Precision Screwdriver set on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

WONBEE Bamboo Wood Watch

I have always liked things that are a little different, things not everyone else has, and this WONBEE Bamboo Watch is a perfect example.

After all, most watches you see are made from metal or plastic, so having a wood one is different.  The fact it is made from bamboo, a great renewable resource gets it bonus points.

I like the looks of this watch and the genuine leather band and the infinity symbol on the watch all add to it’s appeal.  This watch is a basic one, and I love that.  I have never been one to make use of all the bells and whistles some watches offer so I would rather not have them on the watches I purchase.  Like my stepdad used to say “Never buy more features than you need, it is just more stuff with the potential of messing up”.

The watch comes in more or less a cardboard box which probably wouldn’t work with most watches, but this one being so natural, it works.  It also comes with 2 natural wood bracelets, all in keeping with the general tone of the watch.

This would make an awesome gift for someone who is low key and back to nature as I think they would truly appreciate it.

You can purchase the Wonbeen Wooden Watch on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com

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Hautton Long Bifold Wallet

I am sure you have seen men with a pair of pants on and this huge overstuffed wallet wearing a hole in their pants pocket, or bulging out so much it just distracts from what otherwise would be a nice pair of pants.  The problem is some men have a lot of credit cards, receipts, money and whatever and it all ends up in their wallet.

Well this wallet is far larger than most men’s wallets but are becoming very popular.  Often times men will just keep a money clip in their pocket with some cash and stash a long wallet in their briefcase, laptop bag or backpack.  Some will also keep most things at home in the long wallet and bring a slim wallet for everyday use with just a couple items in it.  The long wallet becomes the storage place for all those extra cards they may not use all of the time.

Be sure to watch the video below to see how this one is set up, I love it, and honestly, I can see women wanting one for themselves.  This long wallet holds a ton of cards, has plenty of room for currency, receipts and anything else they might want in there.  It would be great to bring on vacation too.

Hautton makes great, genuine leather wallets that any man would love.  You can buy this Hautton Long Bifold Wallet on Amazon.ca and a very similar one on Amazon.com and it’s available in several colors to suit every mans personal taste.

You can purchase this Genuine Leather Hautton Men’s Long Bifold Wallet on Amazon.com and  Amazon.ca

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Rowoo Beach Flat

Flip flops are a must!

I am addicted to flip flops and I wear them year round.  I wear them around the house all of the time and I just feel undressed without something on my feet and flip flops fit the bill.  When they get dirty, I can just scrub them down with a utility brush and they are good to go.

When I get brand new flip flops I wear them around the house until I break them in, then they are used for outdoor use until such time where they are no longer perfect looking, then they become permanent indoor flip flops until the end of their lifespan.

I am actually very particular about my flip flops, not any pair will due.  The width of the toe thong, that piece that goes between your toes is important.  Too thick and they are uncomfortable since I don’t have much space between my great toe and other toes.

Where the top part is attached about midway on the sandal is also important.  If it isn’t in the right spot, then they are extremely uncomfortable and can lead to blisters or calluses on the soles of your feet.

This Rowoo sandal passed all my tests and fit me perfectly.  The soles are nice and thick so not only will they protect your feet when walking on things like stones, but they will also last longer.  The base of the sandal also has bands of color that most flip flops don’t have and I really like, as they give them a more upscale look.

The Rowoo Beach Sandal is available in black, red or blue and can be purchased on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca


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Zity Men’s Padded Vest

When the weather gets cooler it’s time to start layering your clothing and protecting yourself from the cold.  I think the padded vests are a great addition to any wardrobe.  You can wear one over a long t-shirt of light coat and if it is really cold you can can even wear it under a warm winter jacket.

This particular vest is well made and not too puffy which to me is important as I dislike overly puffy things.  It has a good quality zipper, side pockets and is long enough to ensure your midriff is kept warm.  It comes in a rich black color or a black/white patterned which is very nice.

This Zity Padded Vest was also very reasonably priced and would make a great gift.

You can purchase a Zity Men’s Padded Vest on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

Watch my video review


A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.

Australian Cashmere Men’s Scarf

Warm Cashmere Scarves by Fashion Land

When I was growing up my mother dressed like we were worth a million bucks, but we were just average people  Her belief was that it is better to have 20 high quality things than 50 cheaper items.  So she would have only a few dresses but when she wore them she turned heads!

I feel the same way and I am always looking for quality items for my family and friends to buy as gifts.  We may not be able to buy people a cashmere coat but we can buy them a cashmere scarf.  Now if you aren’t sure what cashmere is, it is wool from the soft undercoat of a Cashmere Goat, it’s not from a sheep.  Cashmere is about 30% warmer than sheep’s wool so it is excellent in cold weather.

This Australian Cashmere Men’s Scarf is simply lovely.  It is elegant and the pattern give it style without looking gaudy.  It has a great length so it will fall about to the man’s waist so plenty long enough to double over. It is so soft to the touch and would make an absolutely lovely gift for anyone.

You can purchase this Australian Cashmere Men’s Scarf on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

Check out my video review of this Cashmere Scarf

Australian Cashmere Men’s Scarf