Himalayan Pink Salt Night Light

It seems everyone has been talking about Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps and I was delighted I was asked to review this night light.  Rock Salt Lamps come in many different sizes and the larger they are, the more expensive they are.  Salt lamps are each hand carved and each completely unique both in color and shape.

This one I was given to review is actually a plug in night light, and they aren’t that expensive, so it can allow you to check out salt lamps and see if they are for you without spending far more on larger ones.

These lamps are heavy, even this nightlight, although rather large for a night light is pretty darn heavy and that surprised me a bit.  My particular one has a very nice shape and a beautiful pinkish/amber color to it.  When turned on, I have to admit the color is stunning.

So what is the deal with Salt Lamps and what are their benefits?

  • Salt Lamps turn positive ions in the air and transforms them into negative ions which neutralize the electormagnetic  radiation caused by all of our electronics.  This in turn can reduce stress, fatique and help your immune system.
  • Salt Lamps take in moist air, and trap the  pollutants such as smoke, pollen, dust etc   This reduces allergy symptoms as well as cleaning and deodorizing the air.
  • The negative ions also help combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, improve your moods and concentration and even helps reduce static electricity.

Larger lamps are perfect for living rooms etc. and the smaller lamps for smaller rooms and the night lights work great plugged in next to your bed as it well cleanse the air in your immediate vicinity.

The light from the night lights is a beautiful warm glow that won’t keep you awake and might actually help you drift off easier.

Give it a try!  This Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Night Light can be purchased on Amazon.ca as well as Amazon.com

If you are interested in a large table top lamp there is also a very nice 8″ one available as well

It is also available on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com


EZOware 7 Drawer Makeup Organizer

So if you love makeup, this organizer is a must have!  My daughter loves makeup and has subscriptions to a few makeup boxes.  While she gives away anything she knows she won’t use, there is still a plethora or items she keeps.  She used to keep them in several makeup bags but she could never find anything.  She would get so frustrated looking in bag after bag for a certain makeup item.  On top of that, with all the rummaging around everything would be coated with makeup dust or caps would fall off etc.

Well, when the box arrived and I told her to open it, she assumed that I just needed help cutting it open.  When she took it out of the box, her eyes got very big and she was like “OMG” and she clutched it to her chest indicating that she hoped that the reason I had her open it was that it was intended for her.  Needless to say that within 5 minutes she had every makeup bag she had opened and she was organizing and filling up the organizer.

Some important things to know about this cosmetic makeup organizer:

  • This is a heavy duty acrylic that is strong enough to hold the makeup without the plastic bending or warping.
  • The small handles on each drawers are easy to grip and pull out
  • The drawers easily pull completely out.  My daughter might pull out a drawer with similar products (primer, foundation, concealer etc.) and use the products from the drawer, before putting it back in its place.
  • The top is nice and completely flat so it makes a great storage spot to put your large makeup eye shadow palettes that are too large for organizers.
  • Being clear it allows you to see in an instant exactly what is in each drawer.
  • This organizer is large and will hold more makeup than the average individual has.

This cosmetic organizer has made makeup application far less frustrating for my daughter and looks great on a dresser or on a bathroom counter.  If someone you know loves makeup, you MUST get them this organizer.

Compared to other organizers I have seen, this one is one would be considered lower in price than most.  That in itself makes this even storage case even more awesome.

You can purchase this EZOWareCosmetic Case on both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

Karaoke Microphone

A lot of people like to sing and some have voices that take your breath away with their beauty, then there are others that are not so nice, like mine.  Singing though can lift your spirits and make you laugh and smile.

This Karaoke Microphone lets you sing our heart out in the privacy of your home, at a party, or even allow you to save the recording to share with others.  Just imagine your next home party and recording everyone singing their favorite songs!

This microphone is very easy to use.  You simply download an app and you can then start singing.  It works for both android and iOS phones and there are adjustments for treble, base, value etc.

Life is meant to enjoy, to smile as often as possible and to do fun things that creates memories and this is something that will provide that.  So whether you are young or old, this Karaoke Microphone is just plain fun.

You can purchase this Karaoke Microphone on both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

iTimo Batman Car Door Light

Do you know someone who loves Batman?  If so I have the perfect gift idea for them.  This wireless light shows the batman symbol on the ground every time the door opens.  Imagine how this will look at night!  It turns off when you close the door, or after being displayed for 2 minutes.

I think it is a fun idea, one of those gifts that obviously they would ever expect and just adds a little fun to life.  We can all do with a little fun and a smile or two.  It would also attract a lot of attention when others eee what happens when the car door opens.

It’s easy to install with the sticky pads that come with the box and it gives you complete directions on the box.  Pick one of these up now and the next holiday, or a day when someone could really do with a pick-me-up, hand them this and watch the smiles.

If you have a 4-door car, you can even put this on the back doors for the kids because they will even like it as well.  The package contains two lights so you can put them on 2 of the doors, or even to different vehicles if you like.

They are inexpensive as well, at a price range anyone can afford.

You can purchase this Wireless Batman Car Door Light on Amazon.com as well as Amazon.ca

Time 100 Ladies Black Fashion Watch

I am finding more and more people are wearing watches that never wore them before.  I think part of it is that some people were on their phones 24/7 and are trying to keep their phones from being in their hands 24/7 and putting them in their pockets and purses and when thy need to know the time they are wearing a watch.  Trust me, I think I now more than the average person all of the great things about the Internet, but I am also personally aware that the Internet can be addictive for some people and they need to control how much time they spend on it.  Pulling out your watch just to know the time often leads to checking mail, checking messages etc. so a watch is a good way to prevent that.

Another reason is that fashion watches are very reasonably priced and come in so many different styles they are being used as a fashion accessory.  The Time 100 Watches are a perfect example.  Let me introduce you to this very sexy black watch that is water resistant and will draw a lot of attention when you were it.

The face of the watch is black and inside the raised glass cover is an octagon track that contains 32 crystals.  There are 4 faceted diamonds on the 3,6,9 and 12 markers.

The band has cyrstals right by the watch head and the straps is stainless steel in a black inlay.  It is just beautiful and you can get this quality watch at a very reasonable price.  This watch would make the perfect gift to the fashion minded person.

You can purchase this watch on Amazon.ca and well as Amazon.com

DEYARD Precision Screwdriver Set

If someone in your house repairs watches, computers, gaming systems, glasses or anything else that requires small tools they will love this DEYARD Precision Screwdriver Set.  The set comes with a remarkable 40 screwdriver heads and 7 ratchet heads, anti static tweezers, ratchet extension, base handle and a flexible ratchet extension.  In other words it has everything you need to work on the small stuff.

I know in our house we are constantly having to put batteries in toys that have tiny little screws to open the battery compartment and it can be a challenge.  I also seem to need to tighten the screw on my glasses.  There are so many uses for this set and the fact it all sits together in a compact little case means you should have it for many many years.

This set is so reasonably priced it would make a great gift for about the price you would pay for pizza delivery!

You can purchase the DEYARD Precision Screwdriver set on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

White Noise Machine

Falling asleep made easy

While I generally don’t have a problem falling asleep I usually wake numerous times during the night, and sometimes I just can’t get back to sleep because my brain won’t turn off.  I will start worrying about everything I have to do the next day, worry about this or that and before you know it I’ve been awake for a couple of hours and that means I will wake up tired and who wants to start the day like that?

Now I have heard of white noise and the benefits but I wasn’t sure it was for me.  I was intrigued by this noise machine because it has so many different choices.  You can choose between White Noise, Rain, Birds, Brook, Lullaby 1, Lullaby 2, Ocean ,Thunderstorm.

My personal favorite is Thunderstorm.  When there is a wicked storm pounding down outside my window I sleep like a baby and the white noise machine gives me that same feeling.  Other features include an alarm clock, a timer to have shut down the white noise after so many hours, date and time.  This is a great way to help yourself or the little one’s in the house get some sleep so they can remain well rested.

You can purchase the DBPower White Noise Machine on Amazon.ca and a similar one on Amazon.com

A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer