Laser Infrared Thermometer

Everyone needs one!

Believe it or not Infrared laser thermometers could be an incredible asset to have.  At first you might not think you need one, but trust me you do.  So below is a list of just a few of the things you can with it.

  • Fridge and freezers control their temperature by numbers, 1-10 or something like that, not actual temperature.  Guidelines for keeping your food the freshest are always listed in degrees.  If you use an laser thermometer it can instantly tell you if your fridge and freezer temperatures need adjusting.  This can save you money as food will not spoil as fast if kept at recommended temperatures.
  • You can test your oven temperatures to make sure your oven thermometer is accurate.  Overcooked or under cooked food is a waste.  If your oven temperature is off and you have digital controls on your oven you can set it to compensate for the inaccuracy.
  • You can go around your house and see where the energy leaks are and if you have numerous areas, but limited funds to fix, you can see which one is the worst offender using the laser thermometer and do that one first.
  • Many BBQ’s have thermostats on them, but I have yet to find one that still worked or was accurate.  Use the laser thermometer to find out the exact temperature.
  • Double check bath water for children to make sure it isn’t too hot.  I use the wrist method, but this thermometer can confirm it is within acceptable levels for children.
  • Check outdoor play equipment for temperature to make sure children don’t burn themselves on metal slides etc.
  • Check interior car temperatures.
  • Check the temperature of food you are taking out of the microwave or oven to see if it is hot enough.
  • Even if your thermostat is set to a certain temperature it doesn’t mean every room in the house will be that temp.  You can go around and check to see if you need to provide supplemental heat or cooling to those rooms.

As you can see the list is just about endless.  This thermometer registers a temperature instantly and is highly accurate and has an extremely wide temperature range, so wide that you can check anything you should encounter in everyday life, no matter how hot or cold.

All this for less than what we pay for our family to have pizza delivered.

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