Lekebaby Beige Backpack Diaper Bag

Lekebaby continues to impress me with their incredible quality and design.  The designers seem to go to great lengths to make sure and organize the bags so they are efficient and have room for everything a baby could need.  Not only that, but their diaper bags don’t look like diaper bags, which is something I really like as they can always be used long after baby no longer needs a diaper bag.

This bag is a very nice taupe color.  The very front of the bag has a pocket that is about half as deep as the bag.  The first zippered pouch is so roomy.  It opens up very wide and on one side has 2 large pockets and on the other it has 3 waterproof pockets on the bottom and 4 smaller sections on the top.  Two are very small, suitable for a pen or thermometer the other 2 could accommodate larger items.  There is even room in the bottom to add a couple  of receiving blankets, bibs etc.

The main compartment has a zippered pouch, a large pocket that holds a generous size diaper changing pad and the other side has 2 large pouches.  This main interior expands a good deal which means plenty of room to store babies clothes and any other items they would need for a few days.

The very top of the backpack has a small zippered pocket perfect for things like a set of car keys, 2 pockets on each side of the backpack and the very back has a a good sized padded zippered pouch.  The straps are also padded for comfort.

Lekebaby never fails to impress me and any parent would appreciate a high quality, well organized bag like this for their baby.

You can purchase this Lekebaby diaper bag backpack on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com


Lekebaby Heart Backpack Diaper Bag

Every item I have ever seen from Lekebaby has been 100% top notch.  They always put a lot of thought and care into their products, and it shows.  Not only are they well made, but there always seems to be little extras that make it stand out from the competition.

So lets talk about this black backpack diaper bag.  First off, I absolutely love the little hearts sewn all over the front of the backpack.

The front has this large attached zipper pouch.  On the front of it is a zippered pocket and inside of the pouch is 2 good size pockets and 2 removable pouches.  One pouch has a mesh front and one has a waterproof lining inside.  There is one pouch on the side of the backpack with a velcro closure and the other side has an open topped pouch.

The inside is very roomy, with plenty of room for clothing, swaddling blankets and everything a baby would need for at least a weekend away.  It has a very large pouch that contains a very good size diaper changing pad and and 5 other waterproof pouches.  It also has 2 elastic areas on the sides to hold in items and prevent them from falling.

The backpack straps are adjustable and even comes with clips to attach it easily to a stroller or shopping cart/trolley.

Although this backpack is designed with baby in mind, I would not hesitate to continue to use it after you no longer need a diaper bag.  The pockets can be re-purposed to hold water bottles and it would work very nicely for a picnic pack when you are out hiking for the day.  The waterproof areas would prevent liquids from leaking and keep your food fresh.

You can purchase this adorable Lekebaby Heart Backpack on  Amazon.ca

White Noise Machine

Falling asleep made easy

While I generally don’t have a problem falling asleep I usually wake numerous times during the night, and sometimes I just can’t get back to sleep because my brain won’t turn off.  I will start worrying about everything I have to do the next day, worry about this or that and before you know it I’ve been awake for a couple of hours and that means I will wake up tired and who wants to start the day like that?

Now I have heard of white noise and the benefits but I wasn’t sure it was for me.  I was intrigued by this noise machine because it has so many different choices.  You can choose between White Noise, Rain, Birds, Brook, Lullaby 1, Lullaby 2, Ocean ,Thunderstorm.

My personal favorite is Thunderstorm.  When there is a wicked storm pounding down outside my window I sleep like a baby and the white noise machine gives me that same feeling.  Other features include an alarm clock, a timer to have shut down the white noise after so many hours, date and time.  This is a great way to help yourself or the little one’s in the house get some sleep so they can remain well rested.

You can purchase the DBPower White Noise Machine on Amazon.ca and a similar one on Amazon.com

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Evecase Backpack Diaper Bag

Great to repurpose!

I am a huge fan of products who can serve more than purpose during their life span.  It is a great way to get your monies worth out of the bag.  Repurposing makes both economical and ecological sense.  This Evecase Backpack is everything you need for baby but is not “babyish” in any way so once baby doesn’t need it, you can then repurpose it as an ordinary backpack to bring on hikes or carry things in.  The pouches for baby bottles would fit water bottles perfectly as well as a flashlight and the pouches for diaper and baby items can revert to places to keep some energy bars and first aid kit etc.

This backpack looks sporty and since it doesn’t look like a diaper bag, it might appeal to the dads out there that would prefer to carry the backpack on their back rather than in their hand.  it is also a shape most people are used to having around.  Don’t worry though, it has everything you need in a diaper bag.  It has 4 inside pouches suitable for bottles and other things, 2 mesh pockets for storing other items and a large zippered pocket.  It has a wide bottom so there is plenty of room for things like extra diapers, bibs, change of clothes and anything else you need.  What’s more, it has removable straps to attach it to a baby stroller or a shopping cart/ buggy.  The inside can be easily wiped clean with a soapy cloth or even a baby wipe.  The outside has another large pocket as well as a couple of pockets for water or additional baby bottles.

You can purchase this Evecase Diaper Bag on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

Be sure to watch my video review of the Evecase Diaper Bag


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Lekebaby Backpack Diaper Bag

Men will love it!

I have often had men say they wished there were more diaper bags that appealed to men because there are single fathers or hands on dad’s that are always out and about with baby and want something they like.

Well Lekebaby is one such company that has made a diaper bag that both men and women will love.  This backpack diaper bag can be worn as a backpack or can be carried messenger bag style or use a shoulder strap.  It even has a Velcro strap to attach it to a stroller, shopping cart etc.

There are numerous pockets and so much room in this pack that you organize everything baby will need.  It even has a fold out diaper pad for changing baby.  All this in a very well constructed bag that will last for many years to come.  The colors are not too girlie or babyish which is great because not everyone wants a bag like that.  Is is so wonderful to see a company that has gone to such lengths to create a product that can be used in so many different ways and when you don’t need it for baby anymore, you can always repurpose it.

The Lekebaby Backpack Diaper Bag is available on Amazon.ca and a very similar Lekebaby Backpack is available on Amazon.com

Be sure and check out my video review


A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.