Pilgrim Teo Aromatherapy Diffuser

For those with discerning tastes

I have expensive tastes and would rather have one very nice thing than 10 cheap things because the more expensive item will generally be better made and therefore last longer and it is generally more unique looking and I will probably not tire of it as easily.

This folks is one exquisite looking Cool Mist Humidifier.  It is made of real Beech Wood on the bottom that is silky smooth.  On the top is unglazed ceramic in the same ridged pattern.  It looks modern, it looks rustic, it looks simply perfect!

Now most aromatherapy units go through this 7 color light change which is nice, but I am so glad they chose not to do it with this one as I think it would cheapen it.  Instead they just have a warm white light that you can leave on, or have it slowly dim and brighten.

Now something of this quality does come at a more expensive price but to me it is totally worth it as I would rather have just one and it look like this than several cheaper looking ones around the house.

You can purchase this amazing piece of decor at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com


A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.


EchoAcc Ultrasonic Humidifier

This is the highest capacity cool mist humidifier I have ever come across and it has impressed me.  Not only does it have a 1.5 liter capacity (about 6 cups) it allows you to crank up the output so you can add more moisture than other humidifiers are capable of.

It’s also pretty with all of the cut outs of butterflies and flowers and even better when the lights are turned on it slowly goes through a very nice color range.  It also has an auto shut off in case you run out of water, and like all other cool mist humidifiers they are made for adding Essential Oils to if you so desire, but really aren’t necessary if you are just looking to up the humidity a bit in the room.

With it’s smart looks and extra large capacity at a reasonable price, this Aromatherapy Diffuser is a winner!

You can purchase this EchoACC Humidifier on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com



A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.

AIHO Essential Oil Fan

Needs no water!

Essential Oil Diffusers are the latest thing.  Many people swear by the benefits of essential oils.  Most of us have seen products with Lavender in it to assist in relaxation and sleep, and there are many more oils to help with anxiety etc.  Most oil diffusers however are also cool mist humidifiers which means they distribute a cool mist into the air that is scented.  That is nice if you want some extra humidity in your room, but not everyone wants that.  Others are looking for a small portable option they can bring to work, different rooms in the house, on vacation and even in their car.

The AIHO essential oil fan is the solution to distributing essential oils without use of water.  The diffuser has a little pad inside that you add the oil to, so there is absolutely nothing that can spill.  It runs off of 2 AA batteries or USB which makes it completely portable and the are small enough to slip into a purse.  I would feel more comfortable with this unit in a child’s room rather than a cool mist one so I wouldn’t have to worry about them spilling water.

As with pretty well all diffusers they do have rotating lights and this one runs through a standard 7 color range.  You do have the ability to keep it on one color, or have no light at all.

This diffuser is also on the lower end of the price scale which is also very nice and it puts it in the price range of a nice gift that won’t break the bank and it is available in both white and black.

You can purchase the Aiho Aromatherapy Fan on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

Be sure to check out my video review

A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.

Anton Essential Oil Diffuser

Pilgrim Collection Aromatherapy

There are so many sizes and styles of cool mist humidifiers that there is one to suit every taste.  The Anton, part of the Pilgrim Collection and designed in Italy is a two tone diffuser and is red on the bottom and white on top.  The red is more clay red than candy apple red and is matte and not shiny.  It does go through 7 different color changes on top when turned on.  It is not a large diffuser, only holding 140ml’s so it makes a great option for smaller areas such as bedside tables.  If you have trouble sleeping or relaxing at night, giving aromatherapy a try might just solve your problems.   Using a diffuser is easy, just put a few drops of an essential oil in the little well inside the diffuser, add water, put the lid on and turn it on, simple as that.

Although this diffuser only has 1 button, by clicking on it a different number of times you control what it does.  You can choose the mist to be on continuously or alternate between being on for 30 seconds and then off for 30 seconds.  You can also let it go through the 7 colors or have it on just one color or not have a light on at all.  The extra options allow you to run it the way it suits you best.

Aromatherapy is getting a lot of attention lately because people are feeling the benefits of it so a Cool Mist Humidifier like this also make a great gift.

You can purchase the Anton Oil Diffuser on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

You can watch my video review


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Alpha Aroma Oil Diffuser

Pilgrim Collection in Black

I am a huge fan of aromatherapy and luckily I get the chance to review some extremely nice diffusers and this is a very nice one.  Many of the ones I have come across change color and while that is very nice, you may not want one that changes color in all situations.  This one is all black and is made out of a rubber material not hard plastic which I really like.

As for size, this one is smaller in size holding only about 1/2 cup of water and I find this size works well when you want the diffuser to blend into the room rather than draw attention to it which happens when you have one that is very large.   It is also very simple to operate, with only an ON button which you can press for 3 seconds to go into intermittent mode which is 30 seconds On and 30 seconds Off.  This also allows you to increase the run time from 4 hours to 8 hours before needing the water to be topped up.

 If you are interested in sleep and relaxation try these essential oils:  Lavender, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Marjoram, Bergamot.

You can purchase this Black Aroma Diffuser on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

You can also check out my video review

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