Native American Play Tent

I have a small amount of Native American ancestry and so when I was little, I became obsessed with anything Native American.  As I grew older I learned more of their culture, their hardships and sadly, how badly they were, and still are treated.  In the city I live, we have a festival that runs several weekends every summer.  We have a very large number of ethnic “villages” set up all over our city and people go from one village to another.  We watch their dances and performances, we drink their spirits and we eat their food.  We buy their clothing and products and help them celebrate their culture.  To us, it is not cultural misappropriation, but rather cultural celebration.  This festival brings us together as a community and lets us learn about each other in a positive manner.

That is how I take this play tent, while some may think it is wrong, I happen to think that it celebrates a people who deserve to be celebrated and we can teach our children the positive aspects of Native North American people so they will grow up to respect and look up to them.  Play has always been a way for children to learn, so this tent can be the stepping stone to teach your children about the value of respecting nature, about caring for the environment and perhaps an introduction to Native American crafts.

This tent is actually very nice and a good size too.  It can easily fit 2 children in and if space permits you can keep it up indoors and use it as a place to store things like stuffed animals when the tent is not in use.  It is made of fabric as opposed to plastic so it should last for a long time if cared for.  It only takes about 5 minutes to put together and disassembles and goes back in its storage bag in about the same amount of time.

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