Kingyou Bluetooth Headphones

I love how Kingyou not only produced a high quality set of Bluetooth headphones, they made them foldable and provides a quality case to keep them in.  In my experience with my own family, things that have a case tend to last longer.  There is a place to put them when not in use, a place to keep the charging cord and the headphones don’t seem to get broken.  Other pairs of headphones we have had ended up damaged or ruined because they were just tossed on tables..thrown on the couch (and sat on), tossed into gym bags or backpacks and bent out of shape etc.  The case doesn’t take up a lot of room and the headphones themselves fold so it is easy to take them with you.  In fact, I use larger purses and if I needed to, the case would fit in my purse.

The case includes the headphones, a cleaning cloth, a USB charging cord and a 1.5m audio cable that you can use if you want to use them without using Bluetooth.

Charging time is only 2 hours to get 18 hours of use and 250 hours standby.  The quality is excellent with high resolution sound a fantastic deal especially at the price point.  Kingyou is known for exceptional quality at prices most of us can afford.

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SoundPEATS B10 Wired Earphones

I have reviewed a number of SoundPATSs products in the past and they have never disappointed me.  The SoundPEATS B10 Earphones however are not bluetooth which is a bit of a change, but in all honesty, some people prefer wired earphones for various reasons.

Personally I used wired earphones on my iPad.  No particular reason, it’s just what I have always done and so far I have seen no reason to change.  So I was pretty anxious to try out their wired earphones and I was impressed.  The quality of the sound was far superior to the brand i was currently using, things were very clear anThe

The downside though is unlike almost all other SoundPEATS products is these just came in a box and did not come with a carrying case, a feature that love about SoundPeats products.  However, they are also far cheaper than their bluetooth headphones, yet still have the quality, so that needs to be considered.  Other than no case, these are a great set of buds if you are looking for the corded variety.

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Ace Gadgets Magnetic Wrist Cuff

This is a simple, nifty little magnetic wrist cuff with a Velcro closure.  The magnets on it are pretty strong so it can hold the bigger things like bolts, larger screws etc.  This makes it perfect for the handy person around the house.  No more holding nails in your teeth while you are building or fixing something.  No more dropping screws in the grass and spending hours finding them or ending up stepping on them later.

Yet, if you think outside the box, this little cuff can be used for so much more.  You can use it to hold pins when pinning fabric pieces together or even bobby pins when doing an updo.

It can also come in handy if you ever spill a box of paper clips or anything else to pick them up quickly off the floor.

This is just one of those nifty little gadgets that would make a perfect gift for that person who has everything and since it can serve more than one purpose, it means the whole family can make use of it.

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Karaoke Microphone

A lot of people like to sing and some have voices that take your breath away with their beauty, then there are others that are not so nice, like mine.  Singing though can lift your spirits and make you laugh and smile.

This Karaoke Microphone lets you sing our heart out in the privacy of your home, at a party, or even allow you to save the recording to share with others.  Just imagine your next home party and recording everyone singing their favorite songs!

This microphone is very easy to use.  You simply download an app and you can then start singing.  It works for both android and iOS phones and there are adjustments for treble, base, value etc.

Life is meant to enjoy, to smile as often as possible and to do fun things that creates memories and this is something that will provide that.  So whether you are young or old, this Karaoke Microphone is just plain fun.

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Shareconn Bluetooth Earpiece

I wear earbuds when listening to music or ebooks and while you can certainly use them to answer your phone, I have never really cared for it.

I much rather prefer an earpiece like the Shareconn Bluetooth Earpiece.  It has a microphone that I can adjust to where I want it and it gives me more of the traditional feeling of being on the phone that I am used to.  I can put the microphone closer to me, or move it farther away.

The volume control is conveniently located right behind the ear, and the function switch is right on the microphone.  The piece is also light weight and connect to two phones, which makes it easy to answer calls from both a business and personal phone.

I have tested this product and found that I was easily able to hear anyone that I talked to and the microphone works very well and anyone I spoke to told me I came in crystal clear.

This set is great, because even at home, I can be hands free to go through papers during business calls, or get some chores done while chatting with a friend.  It is very comfortable and I can also switch ears if I like.

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iTimo Batman Car Door Light

Do you know someone who loves Batman?  If so I have the perfect gift idea for them.  This wireless light shows the batman symbol on the ground every time the door opens.  Imagine how this will look at night!  It turns off when you close the door, or after being displayed for 2 minutes.

I think it is a fun idea, one of those gifts that obviously they would ever expect and just adds a little fun to life.  We can all do with a little fun and a smile or two.  It would also attract a lot of attention when others eee what happens when the car door opens.

It’s easy to install with the sticky pads that come with the box and it gives you complete directions on the box.  Pick one of these up now and the next holiday, or a day when someone could really do with a pick-me-up, hand them this and watch the smiles.

If you have a 4-door car, you can even put this on the back doors for the kids because they will even like it as well.  The package contains two lights so you can put them on 2 of the doors, or even to different vehicles if you like.

They are inexpensive as well, at a price range anyone can afford.

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BESTOPE 32 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Twenty years ago the average woman knew little about make-up application and most had only one or two makeup brushes.  We would have a blush brush and maybe a lipstick bursh and just used the foam applicators that came with our eyeshadow.  Boy have things changed!

Social media and it’s beauty blog has enabled your average teen or woman to become extremely proficient at applying make-up.  There are countless tutorials on how to achieve a certain look.  This trend however means that the average woman has far more make-up than her predecessors and the thought of having only 2 makeup brushes is unthinkable.

All that being said, not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on make-up brushes so we often search for quality made brushes at a reasonable price.

BESTOPE has a 32 piece brush set that has every brush you will ever need and it comes in a nicely pouch to keep them organized, all for the price of a pizza.  This is the perfect set to give to our young daughters who are just getting into beauty blogs or for the seasoned person who just can’t spend a lot on brushes.

These brushes are synthetic so no animals were harmed in the making of the brushes, an important thing to remember.  Synthetic brushes are also more hygienic than animal (natural) makeup brushes that are often made from squirrels and other animals fur.

This set contains everything you will need from doing your eyebrows, applying foundation, eye makeup, blush, highlighting and more.  What a great gift this would make.  I personally plan on picking up a couple to give to my local women’s shelter that provides accommodation to women and children fleeing abuse.  They often leave with nothing and many have self esteem issues, so something like this may be very welcome!

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