Bean Around the World Coffee

Bean Around the World Rainforest Organic Ground Coffee

I was first introduced to Bean Around the World on a trip to British Columbia.  I stumbled upon a trendy looking coffee shop with an old fashioned feel and stepped inside to be greeted with the most amazing smell of coffee.

When I told my daughter about my experience she told me that she was a huge fan of the brand when she lived in B.C. and really missed their coffee.  Well, as fate would have it I was approached by the company to review their coffee and I jumped at the chance.  I reviewed a package of the coffee beans and loved it.  My daughter was so excited to learn that she could purchase the coffee online and have it shipped to her in Alberta.

Well, I am excited to say I have now tried their ground coffee and it certainly has not disappointed.  It takes like freshly ground beans were used when I make a pot of coffee and the smell brings me back to my visit out west.

Bean Around the World serves their own brand of quality coffee in their shops but you can get that same great flavor at home.  You just need to use 2 tablespoons of their ground coffee in 6 ounces of water to make the perfect cup at home.  This is by far much better than any coffee you will find in a jar at the grocery store.

You can purchase Bean Around the World Ground Coffee on and as well.