BESTOPE 32 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Twenty years ago the average woman knew little about make-up application and most had only one or two makeup brushes.  We would have a blush brush and maybe a lipstick bursh and just used the foam applicators that came with our eyeshadow.  Boy have things changed!

Social media and it’s beauty blog has enabled your average teen or woman to become extremely proficient at applying make-up.  There are countless tutorials on how to achieve a certain look.  This trend however means that the average woman has far more make-up than her predecessors and the thought of having only 2 makeup brushes is unthinkable.

All that being said, not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on make-up brushes so we often search for quality made brushes at a reasonable price.

BESTOPE has a 32 piece brush set that has every brush you will ever need and it comes in a nicely pouch to keep them organized, all for the price of a pizza.  This is the perfect set to give to our young daughters who are just getting into beauty blogs or for the seasoned person who just can’t spend a lot on brushes.

These brushes are synthetic so no animals were harmed in the making of the brushes, an important thing to remember.  Synthetic brushes are also more hygienic than animal (natural) makeup brushes that are often made from squirrels and other animals fur.

This set contains everything you will need from doing your eyebrows, applying foundation, eye makeup, blush, highlighting and more.  What a great gift this would make.  I personally plan on picking up a couple to give to my local women’s shelter that provides accommodation to women and children fleeing abuse.  They often leave with nothing and many have self esteem issues, so something like this may be very welcome!

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2Nice Facial Massager

Get the most out of your moisturizer!

If you read the directions on most moisturizers they tell you to gently massage them into the skin.  Most of us, we just slap some on and consider it done or we rub it in.  This 2Nice Facial Massager uses warmth and gentle vibration to actually massage your moisturizer into your face and it feels wonderful!

After I cleanse my face before bed I put on my moisturizer, pull out this little wand and let it do all the work.  I believe it does a much better job than I ever did and the feeling of extra pampering makes you feel like you are doing good things with your skin.

This isn’t expensive either, it’s pretty darn cheap and it is well worth the price, after all, the better we take care of our skin, the better it looks as we age, and trust me, that will mean a lot to you as the years go by.  This would also make the perfect inexpensive gift and I am sure anyone would love.

You can purchase the 2Nice Facial Massager on or

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MiroPure UV LED Nail Dryer

Bring on the savings!

I can’t count the number of times I have spent time doing my nails only to chip them within hours.  It just seemed like it wasn’t worth the trouble so I would go to the nail salon and get a gel coat manicure because it lasted longer, although it could be very pricey.

That is basically the dilemma of most women that do their nails.  Either you do them at home and they last a day or two tops, or you spend a fortune on regular Gel manicures.  Well, things have changed.  The UV LED Lamps once only available to salons are now sold to the general public and the price of them have come down a great deal.  This means you can now give yourself the Gel manicures at home at incredible savings.

It gets even better though because I am sure you are thinking about all those regular bottles of polish at home you think will be wasted and think that the selection of gel colors just isn’t enough.  Well don’t fret, you can actually use regular nail polish as long as you sandwich it in between a UV Gel Base Coat and a UV Gel Top Coat.  Wear all the colors you love and save big!

How much money will you save?  Well, the light should pay for itself in 2-3 at home manicures and since the bulbs will last for 5,000 hours, there is a huge savings for you on the horizon.

You can purchase the MiroPure UV LED Nail Dryer on and

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2Nice Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush

You will never regret taking care of your skin!

When you are young you don’t always think about proper skin care, especially if you were blessed with good skin to begin with.  Yet, good skin or not it is vital that you care for your skin because as you age, you will never regret it.  And while it is never too late to care for your skin, the younger you start the better.

Cleansing brushes like the 2Nice Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush is a good start.  If I have full make-up on, I like to use cleansing cloths to clean my face and then I use a very warm cloth and put it over my face to open up my pores.  I then put a little cleansing lotion on the brush and turn it on.  Simple as that!  After cleansing I once again rinse my face with warm water.  Some people might use a refreshing liquid (astringent) afterwards, but I just use a light moisturizer.

The 2Nice Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush comes with 3 brushes.  One is a regular brush for your face, one for delicate skin and one for the body.  It also comes with 3 different modes(speeds).  When it lights up pink it is on Clean, when it is red, it is for Sensitive skin and when it is Blue it is for a Deep Clean.  It also comes with a charging stand and a very pretty purple velvet bag to carry it in for travel or storage.

Great little machine that your skin will thank you for forever!

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2 NICE Foot File Callus Remover

One thing that I dislike is crunchy bits of skin, calluses and rough skin.  I am not one of those people who are naturally callus free, I tend to get them the heels of my feet and I hate them.  I have spent a small fortune on pedicures to keep the calluses at bay but sometimes with my busy schedule it was hard to schedule one in.

I had tried hand files, pumice stones etc. at home, but they were a lot of work and they didn’t give me the results that I was hoping for.  Well everything changed when I discovered these callus removers.  They grind down any rough skin, without any discomfort and do it rather quickly. So now, rather than letting the callus build up and then going in for a pedicure, I can do it as often as needed and it only takes moments.  As soon as I notice any rough skin I get out the “grinder” and in moments I am back to baby soft skin.

This doesn’t just work on feet calluses, but works well on things like calluses you may develop on your hands from gripping things like golf clubs etc.  And these aren’t expensive either and when you factor in the money you would save on pedicures they can be a real money saver.  You may still want to go for pedicures, but now you can wait until you need an actual polish change rather than when your feet are getting rough.  You can also start doing all your pedicures at home and they will look salon quality.

The 2Nice Callus remover has a couple of nice features that not all electric callus removers have.

USB Charging:
You can charge this via a USB port or a USB wall plug.  Great thing about it is once charged you don’t have to deal with a cord and it is waterproof which makes it even better.

Two Speeds:
You can choose between a low and high speed so you can use the speed that is just right for that skin area.

In addition to the above features it comes with a cover and 2 additional pumice stones which vary in coarseness which makes this 2Nice Callus Remover a great product to have in your personal grooming kit.

You can purchase the 2Nice Callus Remover on and

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The Big Softie

Party Queen 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set

I have three daughters, all three of which are addicted to beauty products so you just know that I have seen my fair share of brushes.  There was a time years ago that I craved nothing but the finest natural bristle brushes, but over the years I have become more aware of the pain and suffering some of our beauty products cause animals and I have come to rethink the brushes I now prefer.  Yes folks, little critters like squirrels, mink and sable die for our brushes.  So I decided on a personal level that synthetic were the way to go and thankfully companies like Party Queen feel the way I do and make very nice synthetic brush sets.  There are other benefits as well as I have read that natural bristles tend to attract and harbor bacteria more than synthetic, so synthetic are more hygienic.

Now first off Party Queen doesn’t just throw their brushes in a bag and sell them, they give you a lovely case to put them in and the case has a nice big zippered pocket inside that I love.  They are also giving away a free gift with purchase right now and I received a very nice make-up sponge.

Now, the most important thing, the brushes.  They are very dense and that means for the same size brush, these have more individual fibers which means they are going to hold on to your powders more, so you will waste less product.  Oh, and they are soft, so soft, I tend to keep running my fingers through them or brushing them along my arm or chin just to feel the softness.  The company says these are all made by hand, so there is thought and care put into them.  They also have the names of each brush on the handle so newbies can easily pick out the brush they need.

Included Brushes:

  • Large Powder
  • Tapered Face
  • Deuo Fibre Powder/Blush
  • Powder/Blush
  • Tapered Highlighter
  • Large Concealer
  • Large Fluff
  • Concealer
  • Small Tapered Blending
  • Blending
  • Tapered Blending
  • Flat Definer
  • Short Shader
  • Small Eyeliner
  • Lip Brush

The Party Queen 15 Piece Brush Set can be purchased on and

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