Plemo Trekking Sticks

If you hike, you need these!

I was visiting Lake Louise, Alberta and we would go for daily walks along the lake in front of the Fairmont Lake Louise where we were staying.  Sure, there were other hikes we could do, like up to Mirror Lake or the Tea House, however they were pretty strenuous uphill hikes in the mountains.  I had the will, however, my knee issues made it clear it just wasn’t an option.

During the course of our hikes though we came across people using what we thought were ski poles and we thought it rather odd, and yes a bit funny.  One afternoon however I happened to talk to a woman using them and she informed me they were trekking sticks/poles and they were a huge help when hiking.

We decided to check them out at the Outfitting shop inside the hotel.  I found out you use less energy when using them.  They can be used to test things like water levels, check for loose rocks, and even fend off animals.

They also took the stress off knees, especially going down hill and you could actually walk faster with them, than without them.  I was sold and that very day we tested them out.  I must say that I could not believe how much they helped.  They made me feel more secure in my footing, allowed me to “dig in” when I needed to and much to my surprise enabled me to do the long, harder hikes.  Yes, that includes that Tea House up in the mountains.

Sadly I lost my pair in a move but was delighted to get this pair.  The Plemo set can be adjusted in height and comes with little cup things that are best in mud or sand.  They look great, they are comfortable and will make all the difference in the world especially if you have knee issues or stability problems.

If you would like to purchase the Plemo Walking Sticks pictured below you can purchase them on


Measupro Wireless Cycle Computer

There are numerous cycle computers to choose from and choosing the right one can be difficult especially if you have never used one before.  I have cycled a great deal and have always used a computer and personally speaking, the features I used the most were:

  • Clock
  • Current Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Top Speed
  • Current Distance
  • Total Distance

While other functions are nice to have, those are the ones I use every time I got on the bike and several were tied to my goals.

Clock:  I had a minimum amount of time I would ride
Current Speed:  I had a minimum speed I made myself maintain
Average Speed:  Mind games trying to get the average to inch up higher
Top Speed:  I tried to break my record of top speed every week.
Current Distance:  I had a minimum distance I would cover each ride
Total Distance:  I track myself on a “ride around the world” map.

The heart rate monitor included you may not use, however having I think it is a good thing to have around if you are out of shape and not used to physical exercise or have other health issues.  For the price point, this is a very nice cycle computer that is worth considering.

You can purchase Measupro Cycle Computer on

This product was provided at reduced cost for the purposes of a review.