EZOware 7 Drawer Makeup Organizer

So if you love makeup, this organizer is a must have!  My daughter loves makeup and has subscriptions to a few makeup boxes.  While she gives away anything she knows she won’t use, there is still a plethora or items she keeps.  She used to keep them in several makeup bags but she could never find anything.  She would get so frustrated looking in bag after bag for a certain makeup item.  On top of that, with all the rummaging around everything would be coated with makeup dust or caps would fall off etc.

Well, when the box arrived and I told her to open it, she assumed that I just needed help cutting it open.  When she took it out of the box, her eyes got very big and she was like “OMG” and she clutched it to her chest indicating that she hoped that the reason I had her open it was that it was intended for her.  Needless to say that within 5 minutes she had every makeup bag she had opened and she was organizing and filling up the organizer.

Some important things to know about this cosmetic makeup organizer:

  • This is a heavy duty acrylic that is strong enough to hold the makeup without the plastic bending or warping.
  • The small handles on each drawers are easy to grip and pull out
  • The drawers easily pull completely out.  My daughter might pull out a drawer with similar products (primer, foundation, concealer etc.) and use the products from the drawer, before putting it back in its place.
  • The top is nice and completely flat so it makes a great storage spot to put your large makeup eye shadow palettes that are too large for organizers.
  • Being clear it allows you to see in an instant exactly what is in each drawer.
  • This organizer is large and will hold more makeup than the average individual has.

This cosmetic organizer has made makeup application far less frustrating for my daughter and looks great on a dresser or on a bathroom counter.  If someone you know loves makeup, you MUST get them this organizer.

Compared to other organizers I have seen, this one is one would be considered lower in price than most.  That in itself makes this even storage case even more awesome.

You can purchase this EZOWareCosmetic Case on both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com


The Big Softie

Party Queen 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set

I have three daughters, all three of which are addicted to beauty products so you just know that I have seen my fair share of brushes.  There was a time years ago that I craved nothing but the finest natural bristle brushes, but over the years I have become more aware of the pain and suffering some of our beauty products cause animals and I have come to rethink the brushes I now prefer.  Yes folks, little critters like squirrels, mink and sable die for our brushes.  So I decided on a personal level that synthetic were the way to go and thankfully companies like Party Queen feel the way I do and make very nice synthetic brush sets.  There are other benefits as well as I have read that natural bristles tend to attract and harbor bacteria more than synthetic, so synthetic are more hygienic.

Now first off Party Queen doesn’t just throw their brushes in a bag and sell them, they give you a lovely case to put them in and the case has a nice big zippered pocket inside that I love.  They are also giving away a free gift with purchase right now and I received a very nice make-up sponge.

Now, the most important thing, the brushes.  They are very dense and that means for the same size brush, these have more individual fibers which means they are going to hold on to your powders more, so you will waste less product.  Oh, and they are soft, so soft, I tend to keep running my fingers through them or brushing them along my arm or chin just to feel the softness.  The company says these are all made by hand, so there is thought and care put into them.  They also have the names of each brush on the handle so newbies can easily pick out the brush they need.

Included Brushes:

  • Large Powder
  • Tapered Face
  • Deuo Fibre Powder/Blush
  • Powder/Blush
  • Tapered Highlighter
  • Large Concealer
  • Large Fluff
  • Concealer
  • Small Tapered Blending
  • Blending
  • Tapered Blending
  • Flat Definer
  • Short Shader
  • Small Eyeliner
  • Lip Brush

The Party Queen 15 Piece Brush Set can be purchased on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

This product was provided at reduced cost for the purposes of a review.