EZOware 7 Drawer Makeup Organizer

So if you love makeup, this organizer is a must have!  My daughter loves makeup and has subscriptions to a few makeup boxes.  While she gives away anything she knows she won’t use, there is still a plethora or items she keeps.  She used to keep them in several makeup bags but she could never find anything.  She would get so frustrated looking in bag after bag for a certain makeup item.  On top of that, with all the rummaging around everything would be coated with makeup dust or caps would fall off etc.

Well, when the box arrived and I told her to open it, she assumed that I just needed help cutting it open.  When she took it out of the box, her eyes got very big and she was like “OMG” and she clutched it to her chest indicating that she hoped that the reason I had her open it was that it was intended for her.  Needless to say that within 5 minutes she had every makeup bag she had opened and she was organizing and filling up the organizer.

Some important things to know about this cosmetic makeup organizer:

  • This is a heavy duty acrylic that is strong enough to hold the makeup without the plastic bending or warping.
  • The small handles on each drawers are easy to grip and pull out
  • The drawers easily pull completely out.  My daughter might pull out a drawer with similar products (primer, foundation, concealer etc.) and use the products from the drawer, before putting it back in its place.
  • The top is nice and completely flat so it makes a great storage spot to put your large makeup eye shadow palettes that are too large for organizers.
  • Being clear it allows you to see in an instant exactly what is in each drawer.
  • This organizer is large and will hold more makeup than the average individual has.

This cosmetic organizer has made makeup application far less frustrating for my daughter and looks great on a dresser or on a bathroom counter.  If someone you know loves makeup, you MUST get them this organizer.

Compared to other organizers I have seen, this one is one would be considered lower in price than most.  That in itself makes this even storage case even more awesome.

You can purchase this EZOWareCosmetic Case on both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com


UPACKE Storage Container

Like the Bento Boxes, but far more economical

It is important in this hectic world we live in, that we take time to just enjoy life and that isn’t always easy to do.  With jobs, homes, kids, playing taxi and all of our other jobs, there often isn’t enough time to just enjoy life.  Then poof, the years go by and you look back and say “if only”.

Now you are probably wondering why all of this is coming up in a discussion about storage containers, well, I’m getting to that.  If you add up all the time you spend on grocery shopping, food preparation and clean up in the kitchen, it amounts to a significant amount of time each month.  If you can cut down on that time, while still providing delicious and healthy food, that gives you more time for the important things in life, like enjoying time with your children.  Now if you can get your children involved in cutting down that time, that’s even better.  So this is where the storage containers come into play.

Cooking in bulk is an easy way to cut down on meal prep time and kitchen clean up.  When ground beef goes on sale I will buy it in bulk and then, along with my daughter will spend a couple hours “processing it” as we call it.  I will see what we are running short of in the freezer such as hamburgers, meat loafs, meat balls etc. and use the meat to replenish our stockpile.  Then when dinner time comes around I can just pop a meatloaf directly from the freezer into the oven or throw some meat balls directly into a pan and brown them.  You get the idea.

Well, what I also do is make dinners that just need to be popped into the microwave.  For example if we had meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn for dinner and there are leftovers, I will grab a storage container like this UPACKE 3 compartment container and make up a dinner for the freezer.Even if all I have is say meatloaf and gravy left, I will just put that in the freezer and the next time we have left over potatoes or a vegetable, I will finish off the dinner.  I have even cooked an extra meatloaf and potatoes to make several ready made dinners for the freezer.

These dinners save money because they make use of small amounts of leftover food and also save time on busy nights.  They also come in handy if I am going to be home alone, I can just heat one up and have a nice dinner ready in minutes.

You can also use these to make up a fresh lunch to bring to work and put salad, fruit and yogurt in the trays or anything of that nature.  Make up a couple at a time and keep them in the fridge for you to bring to work.

I am addicted to these types of containers and the UPACKE ones are very well made with snug fitting lids and come 12 containers to a box and it also comes with plastic utensils that look like silverware.  There are 12 each of forks, knives and spoons.  They are microwave safe and withstand temperatures up to 260°F.  They are also dishwasher safe.

These storage containers are available on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

ASAPS Storage Basket

I love storage baskets because they allow me to keep things organized which is important if space is at a premium like it is at our house.  What is even better, is a storage basket that collapses so that when not in use it can be stored without taking up much room.

This storage basket by ASAPS has a nautical look to it which I really like and the inside is coated so it will wipe clean if it ever gets soiled.  The material is pretty sturdy and reminds me of the material used in outdoor furniture.

If you are looking to organize your life, baskets are a great because they look far nicer than plastic containers and can be purchased to suit whatever decor you have.  They come in such a wide range of sizes that they can fit on just about any shelf, counter or tabletop and some are even designed to fit inside drawers.  So go ahead, start today organizing your life.

You can purchase this ASAPS Storage Basket on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

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A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.

Zufy Backseat Organizer

Parents need this!

I admit, I hate clutter and as my mother used to tell me “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.”  At the time I didn’t understand how true her words were, but as I got older and had responsibilities I understood that being organized cuts down on a lot of stress in your life and you don’t waste your time looking for things, because everything has a designated spot.

My car however was never prepared for all the things that came with keeping children amused in the car especially on road trips.  Things were always on the floor, stuck between the cushions of the seat, under the front seats etc.  This Zufy organizer however will make a huge difference in keeping your car clutter free.  It has pockets for water or juice bottles, pencils and crayons, books, stuffed animals, even things like diapers and wipes.  Best of all it uses space that is unused, the back of the seat.  These would make long road trips so much easier because you can keep so many things to amuse the little ones, however, even if the car is full of adults, they too will enjoy having all the space to store things for the trip.

You can purchase the Zufy Backseat Organizer on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

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Space Saver Jumbo Vacuum Bags

The Original Space Saver Bags

I downsized and have been faced with the problem of too much stuff in too little space.  I had my clothes rammed in so tight in my closet I couldn’t find half of them and when I did they were so wrinkled.  Space Saver Bags have made a huge difference in my battle with lack of space.

I take all of my off season clothes and pack them in the bags with a couple of dryer sheets to keep them smelling nice and suddenly, I have space in my closet!  I do the same thing with all of blankets and winter linens once spring arrives and I don’t need them anymore.  I also throw a smaller size one in my suitcase with the hand pump.  After I wear an outfit I put it in the space saver bag which keeps them separate from my clean ones.  As I buy new things, which I always do, I can make room in my suitcase by using the hand pump to vacuum out the air and compress the size of the bag.

With so many people downsizing and deciding to make a smaller footprint on the environment Space Saver Original Bags make sense.  They also come with a lifetime warranty which is so nice to have!

You can purchase the Original Space Saver Bags on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

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Original Space Saver Jumbo Bags

Homga Multipurpose Cable Clips

Organize Your Life

I’m a huge fan of organization as I find the more organized I am, the tidier the house is and the less stressed I am.  Chaos causes me anxiety and in the long run, wastes so much precious time.  The old adage “A place for everything and everything in its place” is one to live by as organization cuts down on clutter, cuts down on time spent looking for things and cuts down on frustration.

One thing I love to organize with is cable clips.  While they may have been designed originally for keeping cables tidy, they can be used for so many other things.  So here are some things you can use them for:

  • Keep dry erase markers by a white board
  • Hang tooth brushes by the bathroom sink
  • Hold screwdrivers in your tool area
  • Hold cutters, letter openers etc.. in an office area
  • Hold pens, markers, pencils and paint brushes in a crafting room.
  • Hold key rings by the door to the garage
  • Organize necklaces etc on the back of a door
  • Holding ear buds and charging cords

I am sure I missed at least a hundred different uses for them, but that should get you started on thinking of new ways to organize your life with the use of simple Multipurpose Cable Clips.

You can purchase Cable Clips on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

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Homga Multipurpose Cable Clips

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The Jewelry Heist

BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Organizer

When I travel I like to bring a variety of bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc. and probably wear them more than I would at home.  Over the years I have purchased several travel jewelry organizers but I never found the perfect one.  My hard sided jewelry organizer lacked organization and was difficult to pack and my soft sided one had nowhere to put bracelets so you just plopped them in and the would fall over the place when I opened it.

Well BAGSMART has found a fan in their jewelry case because it has room for everything and organizational options galore and yes, there is a place for my bracelets!  There are pockets galore and while they look mesh there is plastic behind them so there are no worries that items will poke out.  Another thing that my other jewelry organizers did not have was a wrist strap.  This allows me to carry it around my wrist or hang it on a door knob while getting ready.  It is also reasonably priced considering the quality of the bag.

This BAGSMART Travel Jewelry  Case is available on both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

Disclaimer:  This product was provided for free for the purposes of a review.