2Nice Facial Massager

Get the most out of your moisturizer!

If you read the directions on most moisturizers they tell you to gently massage them into the skin.  Most of us, we just slap some on and consider it done or we rub it in.  This 2Nice Facial Massager uses warmth and gentle vibration to actually massage your moisturizer into your face and it feels wonderful!

After I cleanse my face before bed I put on my moisturizer, pull out this little wand and let it do all the work.  I believe it does a much better job than I ever did and the feeling of extra pampering makes you feel like you are doing good things with your skin.

This isn’t expensive either, it’s pretty darn cheap and it is well worth the price, after all, the better we take care of our skin, the better it looks as we age, and trust me, that will mean a lot to you as the years go by.  This would also make the perfect inexpensive gift and I am sure anyone would love.

You can purchase the 2Nice Facial Massager on Amazon.ca or Amazon.com

A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.


Author: Dee

I'm a shopoholic that works from home giving me plenty of time to do what I love....reviewing

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