2Nice Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush

You will never regret taking care of your skin!

When you are young you don’t always think about proper skin care, especially if you were blessed with good skin to begin with.  Yet, good skin or not it is vital that you care for your skin because as you age, you will never regret it.  And while it is never too late to care for your skin, the younger you start the better.

Cleansing brushes like the 2Nice Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush is a good start.  If I have full make-up on, I like to use cleansing cloths to clean my face and then I use a very warm cloth and put it over my face to open up my pores.  I then put a little cleansing lotion on the brush and turn it on.  Simple as that!  After cleansing I once again rinse my face with warm water.  Some people might use a refreshing liquid (astringent) afterwards, but I just use a light moisturizer.

The 2Nice Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush comes with 3 brushes.  One is a regular brush for your face, one for delicate skin and one for the body.  It also comes with 3 different modes(speeds).  When it lights up pink it is on Clean, when it is red, it is for Sensitive skin and when it is Blue it is for a Deep Clean.  It also comes with a charging stand and a very pretty purple velvet bag to carry it in for travel or storage.

Great little machine that your skin will thank you for forever!

You can buy the 2Sonce Skin Cleansing Brush on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

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This product was provided to me for the purposes of a review.



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