2 NICE Foot File Callus Remover

One thing that I dislike is crunchy bits of skin, calluses and rough skin.  I am not one of those people who are naturally callus free, I tend to get them the heels of my feet and I hate them.  I have spent a small fortune on pedicures to keep the calluses at bay but sometimes with my busy schedule it was hard to schedule one in.

I had tried hand files, pumice stones etc. at home, but they were a lot of work and they didn’t give me the results that I was hoping for.  Well everything changed when I discovered these callus removers.  They grind down any rough skin, without any discomfort and do it rather quickly. So now, rather than letting the callus build up and then going in for a pedicure, I can do it as often as needed and it only takes moments.  As soon as I notice any rough skin I get out the “grinder” and in moments I am back to baby soft skin.

This doesn’t just work on feet calluses, but works well on things like calluses you may develop on your hands from gripping things like golf clubs etc.  And these aren’t expensive either and when you factor in the money you would save on pedicures they can be a real money saver.  You may still want to go for pedicures, but now you can wait until you need an actual polish change rather than when your feet are getting rough.  You can also start doing all your pedicures at home and they will look salon quality.

The 2Nice Callus remover has a couple of nice features that not all electric callus removers have.

USB Charging:
You can charge this via a USB port or a USB wall plug.  Great thing about it is once charged you don’t have to deal with a cord and it is waterproof which makes it even better.

Two Speeds:
You can choose between a low and high speed so you can use the speed that is just right for that skin area.

In addition to the above features it comes with a cover and 2 additional pumice stones which vary in coarseness which makes this 2Nice Callus Remover a great product to have in your personal grooming kit.

You can purchase the 2Nice Callus Remover on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

You can check out my video review


A sample of this product was provided for the purposes of a review.




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