MiroPure UV LED Nail Dryer

Bring on the savings!

I can’t count the number of times I have spent time doing my nails only to chip them within hours.  It just seemed like it wasn’t worth the trouble so I would go to the nail salon and get a gel coat manicure because it lasted longer, although it could be very pricey.

That is basically the dilemma of most women that do their nails.  Either you do them at home and they last a day or two tops, or you spend a fortune on regular Gel manicures.  Well, things have changed.  The UV LED Lamps once only available to salons are now sold to the general public and the price of them have come down a great deal.  This means you can now give yourself the Gel manicures at home at incredible savings.

It gets even better though because I am sure you are thinking about all those regular bottles of polish at home you think will be wasted and think that the selection of gel colors just isn’t enough.  Well don’t fret, you can actually use regular nail polish as long as you sandwich it in between a UV Gel Base Coat and a UV Gel Top Coat.  Wear all the colors you love and save big!

How much money will you save?  Well, the light should pay for itself in 2-3 at home manicures and since the bulbs will last for 5,000 hours, there is a huge savings for you on the horizon.

You can purchase the MiroPure UV LED Nail Dryer on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

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A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.


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