iTimo Batman Car Door Light

Do you know someone who loves Batman?  If so I have the perfect gift idea for them.  This wireless light shows the batman symbol on the ground every time the door opens.  Imagine how this will look at night!  It turns off when you close the door, or after being displayed for 2 minutes.

I think it is a fun idea, one of those gifts that obviously they would ever expect and just adds a little fun to life.  We can all do with a little fun and a smile or two.  It would also attract a lot of attention when others eee what happens when the car door opens.

It’s easy to install with the sticky pads that come with the box and it gives you complete directions on the box.  Pick one of these up now and the next holiday, or a day when someone could really do with a pick-me-up, hand them this and watch the smiles.

If you have a 4-door car, you can even put this on the back doors for the kids because they will even like it as well.  The package contains two lights so you can put them on 2 of the doors, or even to different vehicles if you like.

They are inexpensive as well, at a price range anyone can afford.

You can purchase this Wireless Batman Car Door Light on as well as


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