Shareconn Bluetooth Earpiece

I wear earbuds when listening to music or ebooks and while you can certainly use them to answer your phone, I have never really cared for it.

I much rather prefer an earpiece like the Shareconn Bluetooth Earpiece.  It has a microphone that I can adjust to where I want it and it gives me more of the traditional feeling of being on the phone that I am used to.  I can put the microphone closer to me, or move it farther away.

The volume control is conveniently located right behind the ear, and the function switch is right on the microphone.  The piece is also light weight and connect to two phones, which makes it easy to answer calls from both a business and personal phone.

I have tested this product and found that I was easily able to hear anyone that I talked to and the microphone works very well and anyone I spoke to told me I came in crystal clear.

This set is great, because even at home, I can be hands free to go through papers during business calls, or get some chores done while chatting with a friend.  It is very comfortable and I can also switch ears if I like.

You can purchase the Shareconn Bluetooth Earpiece on both and


Author: Dee

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