SoundPEATS B10 Wired Earphones

I have reviewed a number of SoundPATSs products in the past and they have never disappointed me.  The SoundPEATS B10 Earphones however are not bluetooth which is a bit of a change, but in all honesty, some people prefer wired earphones for various reasons.

Personally I used wired earphones on my iPad.  No particular reason, it’s just what I have always done and so far I have seen no reason to change.  So I was pretty anxious to try out their wired earphones and I was impressed.  The quality of the sound was far superior to the brand i was currently using, things were very clear anThe

The downside though is unlike almost all other SoundPEATS products is these just came in a box and did not come with a carrying case, a feature that love about SoundPeats products.  However, they are also far cheaper than their bluetooth headphones, yet still have the quality, so that needs to be considered.  Other than no case, these are a great set of buds if you are looking for the corded variety.

You can purchase these SoundPEATS B10 Earbuds on and


SoundPEATS Q18 Bluetooth Earbuds

I have been lucky enough to review several products from SoundPEATS and once again they have impressed me.  This particular set wraps around your ear and in my experience this type is great for when you are doing things that are rugged or very active.  I also prefer this type when I wear a hat because they feel more secure this way.

SoundPEATS always provides a nice carrying case for their products which is great to keep them in rather than throwing them in your purse and getting them tangled or losing an earbud tip and having to search for it.  I just find they last longer when kept in their case when not in use.

SoundPEATS also gives you several sizes of earbud tips to insure you can get the perfect fit for noise cancellation purposes and also have a decent quality microphone in case you will use them to answer your phone as well.

The sound quality in all their products is consistantly good especially for their price range.

They have many styles to choose from and you can always find a style that suits you and your activity perfectly.  You can purchase these SoundPEATS Q18 Earbuds on as well as

Soundpeats Q800 Bluetooth Headphones

The neck band make this set of headphones unique from most Bluetooth headsets.  The neck band is actually a hollow tube that has the cord inside and it is very flexible so very easy to slip around your neck and it does stay in place.

The earbuds themselves fit nicely in the ears and it comes with 3 different sizes to insure a perfect fit which is important if you want good noise cancellation which these buds offer.  This headset provides 300 hours standby and approx 8 hours talk time and only needs approximately 2.5-3 hrs to charge.  The buds that fit in your ears are also magnetized so they fit securely inside the end of the headband.  All of the controls to either listen to music or answer your phone are located on the headband so there is no extra weight on the ear bud cord.

I have always been a fan of Soundpeats products, they are of great quality, at reasonable prices.  They continual improve their products and always have the newest ideas.

These Soundpeats Q800 Bluetooth Headphones can be purchased on and

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