DEYARD Precision Screwdriver Set

If someone in your house repairs watches, computers, gaming systems, glasses or anything else that requires small tools they will love this DEYARD Precision Screwdriver Set.  The set comes with a remarkable 40 screwdriver heads and 7 ratchet heads, anti static tweezers, ratchet extension, base handle and a flexible ratchet extension.  In other words it has everything you need to work on the small stuff.

I know in our house we are constantly having to put batteries in toys that have tiny little screws to open the battery compartment and it can be a challenge.  I also seem to need to tighten the screw on my glasses.  There are so many uses for this set and the fact it all sits together in a compact little case means you should have it for many many years.

This set is so reasonably priced it would make a great gift for about the price you would pay for pizza delivery!

You can purchase the DEYARD Precision Screwdriver set on and