Hautton Long Bifold Wallet

I am sure you have seen men with a pair of pants on and this huge overstuffed wallet wearing a hole in their pants pocket, or bulging out so much it just distracts from what otherwise would be a nice pair of pants.  The problem is some men have a lot of credit cards, receipts, money and whatever and it all ends up in their wallet.

Well this wallet is far larger than most men’s wallets but are becoming very popular.  Often times men will just keep a money clip in their pocket with some cash and stash a long wallet in their briefcase, laptop bag or backpack.  Some will also keep most things at home in the long wallet and bring a slim wallet for everyday use with just a couple items in it.  The long wallet becomes the storage place for all those extra cards they may not use all of the time.

Be sure to watch the video below to see how this one is set up, I love it, and honestly, I can see women wanting one for themselves.  This long wallet holds a ton of cards, has plenty of room for currency, receipts and anything else they might want in there.  It would be great to bring on vacation too.

Hautton makes great, genuine leather wallets that any man would love.  You can buy this Hautton Long Bifold Wallet on Amazon.ca and a very similar one on Amazon.com and it’s available in several colors to suit every mans personal taste.

You can purchase this Genuine Leather Hautton Men’s Long Bifold Wallet on Amazon.com and  Amazon.ca

A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.


Author: Dee

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