Space Saver Jumbo Vacuum Bags

The Original Space Saver Bags

I downsized and have been faced with the problem of too much stuff in too little space.  I had my clothes rammed in so tight in my closet I couldn’t find half of them and when I did they were so wrinkled.  Space Saver Bags have made a huge difference in my battle with lack of space.

I take all of my off season clothes and pack them in the bags with a couple of dryer sheets to keep them smelling nice and suddenly, I have space in my closet!  I do the same thing with all of blankets and winter linens once spring arrives and I don’t need them anymore.  I also throw a smaller size one in my suitcase with the hand pump.  After I wear an outfit I put it in the space saver bag which keeps them separate from my clean ones.  As I buy new things, which I always do, I can make room in my suitcase by using the hand pump to vacuum out the air and compress the size of the bag.

With so many people downsizing and deciding to make a smaller footprint on the environment Space Saver Original Bags make sense.  They also come with a lifetime warranty which is so nice to have!

You can purchase the Original Space Saver Bags on and

Be sure to check out my video review

Original Space Saver Jumbo Bags

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