Laser Christmas Light

So you are probably wondering why I am writing about a Laser Christmas Light mid January.  Well I received this Laser Light a few days after Christmas, which was a disappointment however that didn’t last too long after I checked it out.  This laser light has 3 different color options, red, green or red&green combined.  This means that you can use this laser light at different times of the year which I think is a fantastic idea.

This light is so easy to set up, just stake it in the ground, plug it in and use the remote to control the light including a timer to have it automatically turn off.

So I think it would be a great idea to use the all red light show for Valentine’s Day, and the green one for St. Patrick’s Day and perhaps even Halloween.  Normally I don’t put up lights on those days but since it is so easy to set up I will to make things a little more festive looking.  It will just make these minor holidays seem a little more important and I for one think that is a great idea.

I also like the idea of using things like this more than once per year.  We spend so much on decorating during the holidays and once over, we pack everything up and don’t even think about it for another year and that is such a shame.  So when looking for laser lighting, consider this one that allows you the option of separating the colors so you can use them throughout the year.

This light is available at both and


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