Paper Lanterns

Bring on the party!

Let’s face it, we aren’t all Martha Stewart clones and we are often so rushed in our everyday lives that it is hard to pull off a festive look with what little time and money we have to put towards it.  Well let me tell you, Paper Lanterns are a great solution!  These things are available in a huge selection of colors and several sizes, assemble in seconds, fold flat for storage and can be arranged in so many ways that your decorating will never be boring.  Use them for elegant dinners by the pool, use them in place of balloons at children;s birthday parties, sit them on dessert tables, string them with ribbons or put lights inside them to make them glow.  If you are having a children’s party, let the kids paint them using water paint and then display their artistry for years to come.

These lanterns are also very inexpensive and since they are reusable, they make perfect sense.  That also means they are environmentally friendly because you aren’t putting balloons into landfills which don’t decompose.

So grab some lanterns and get ready to add a festive touch to any event!

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