Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I often see people put glass containers on their bathroom vanities to hold things like cotton balls, ear swabs etc.  Some people even use mason jars because they are cute, and cheap (usually under $1 each).  Well, this Mason Jar Soap Dispenser would go perfect with other mason jars filled with bathroom essentials.  It will also save you money if you buy those plastic pumps filled with hand soap, because you can buy hand soap in bulk containers and just fill this up as needed.

This is a simple little soap dispenser that holds a lot of soap so you won’t have to refill it that often.  One trick you can do is to buy clear refill soap and then add a couple drops of food coloring in a color that matches your bathroom decor.

This will also work with hand moisturizer, so you can pick up a second one, or put one with the moisturizer by your sink in your kitchen so you can moisturize your hands after each hand washing to keep them from getting too dry.

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