Arespark LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights are a great way to add a little pizazz to an otherwise normal looking area of your house. They are also a DIY person’s dream as it allows you to easily add lighting to under cabinets, under bar edges or tables or even to the wall.  These have a sticky backing on them, so you just remove the backing tape and stick them wherever you want.  You can then control them via the remote control.  You can choose a certain color or have them change colors, flash etc.

There are so many options to choose from and it is an inexpensive way to take something from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes.  Change the colors according to your mood or the season or turn them off when you want.  At this price, it’s worth it to just grab a package and have fun!

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Litom Rechargeable Clip-On Light

I work almost exclusively from my laptop and because it is so mobile, I set it up all over the house.  In the evenings though the keyboard can be hard to see and I like to have extra light on it.  Well I have found a great solution to my dilemma in this Litom Rechargeable Light.  I can clip it on the corner of my laptop screen and have it pointing down at the keyboard or let it sit on the laptop table.

This light can be used for so many things because once it’s charged you can bring it anywhere.  Bring it with you when you are sitting outside in the evenings, clip it on a pillow while you read in the evening; the possibilities are endless.

The light has two settings, high and low so you can get just the right amount of light that you need and the neck of it can be twisted and bent in any direction you want.

That’s what I like, cheap, simple, multiple uses.

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I received a sample of this product for the purpose of a review.