Rowoo Beach Flat

Flip flops are a must!

I am addicted to flip flops and I wear them year round.  I wear them around the house all of the time and I just feel undressed without something on my feet and flip flops fit the bill.  When they get dirty, I can just scrub them down with a utility brush and they are good to go.

When I get brand new flip flops I wear them around the house until I break them in, then they are used for outdoor use until such time where they are no longer perfect looking, then they become permanent indoor flip flops until the end of their lifespan.

I am actually very particular about my flip flops, not any pair will due.  The width of the toe thong, that piece that goes between your toes is important.  Too thick and they are uncomfortable since I don’t have much space between my great toe and other toes.

Where the top part is attached about midway on the sandal is also important.  If it isn’t in the right spot, then they are extremely uncomfortable and can lead to blisters or calluses on the soles of your feet.

This Rowoo sandal passed all my tests and fit me perfectly.  The soles are nice and thick so not only will they protect your feet when walking on things like stones, but they will also last longer.  The base of the sandal also has bands of color that most flip flops don’t have and I really like, as they give them a more upscale look.

The Rowoo Beach Sandal is available in black, red or blue and can be purchased on and


A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.


Author: Dee

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