Australian Cashmere Men’s Scarf

Warm Cashmere Scarves by Fashion Land

When I was growing up my mother dressed like we were worth a million bucks, but we were just average people  Her belief was that it is better to have 20 high quality things than 50 cheaper items.  So she would have only a few dresses but when she wore them she turned heads!

I feel the same way and I am always looking for quality items for my family and friends to buy as gifts.  We may not be able to buy people a cashmere coat but we can buy them a cashmere scarf.  Now if you aren’t sure what cashmere is, it is wool from the soft undercoat of a Cashmere Goat, it’s not from a sheep.  Cashmere is about 30% warmer than sheep’s wool so it is excellent in cold weather.

This Australian Cashmere Men’s Scarf is simply lovely.  It is elegant and the pattern give it style without looking gaudy.  It has a great length so it will fall about to the man’s waist so plenty long enough to double over. It is so soft to the touch and would make an absolutely lovely gift for anyone.

You can purchase this Australian Cashmere Men’s Scarf on and

Check out my video review of this Cashmere Scarf

Australian Cashmere Men’s Scarf

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