Arshiner Classic Girls Ballet Leotard

Pretty in Pink

So many parents enroll their little girls in dance classes and there is just nothing sweeter than seeing them dance around in their little leotards and huge smiles on their faces.  From experience I know though that there is a huge difference in quality in dance leotards and as a parent I always insisted on quality for two reasons.  First they look better and secondly they last longer.

Arshiner does not make a large variety of dance wear but the things they make are beautifully made and look lovely on the little girls.  When your daughter puts her Arshiner Ballet Leotard on you will notice that it is made of thicker material so when stretched it will not become transparent like some cheaper ones will.  The seams are all nicely finished so they won’t fall apart and the skirt is nice a full and made of quality materials which will make her Ballet Leotard stand apart from inferior ones.

Inside the front of this leotard is a little area you can pull strings on to create a gathered area on the front of the leotard, or keep it as is.  Having the choice is nice and you can change it anytime you so desire.

Your little girls deserves the best and I just love this brand!

You can purchase Arshiner Ballet Dance Leotard are available in black, light blue, pink and white and can be purchased on and

You can also see my video review

This product was provided  for the purposes of a review.


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