Arshiner Girl’s Pink Leggings

I love this brand because they make fashionable girls clothing but with a classic flare.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t fun as these adorable leggings prove.

One of the things I don’t like about little girls leggings is that their tops are often on the shorter side and often times leggings don’t look good because either their panties show through or bunch off and it just bothers me.  These adorable pink leggings ensure their bottoms are covered so no unsightly bunching or panties showing through, but they do it in such a way that little girls are going to want to wear them every day!

The leggings themselves are quality made and on top of the leggings is a three layer skirt.  The first 2 layers almost make it look like a tutu and on top is a cutout skirt that looks like eyelet.  This legging/skirt set almost looks like a skating or dance skirt and little girls are just going to love it.  They also have little gold beads attached on the front, these are not glued but actually attached to the skirt itself.

Arshiner is quality made and that quality always shows with straight seams, no loose threads and quality thick elastic in the waste to insure they stay put.  I am always excited to see what new things they offer.

These leggings are available in light pink (which I reviewed), dark pink (rose), navy blue and brown.  You can purchase these leggings on and


Arshiner Girl’s Raincoat

Dancing in the rain…

I have always been very particular about children’s clothing.  I want it to be high quality and classic and have always stayed away from the typical cartoon character clothing that most children wear.  I did allow the kids to wear character pajamas, but as far as everything else, there was very little of it in their wardrobes.  It wasn’t just that I disliked it, it was that every other child was wearing it and I wanted my children to stand out, and also because it tended to be cheaply made and fell apart easily.

Quality, classic clothing not only lasts but can be handed down to other children, but they won’t look like worn out hand-me-downs.  They still retain that upscale touch through the years if properly taken care of.

I love the Arshiner brand of clothing and this raincoat for little girls is just adorable and very well made.  First of all lets talk fabric.  While it is important to make sure a raincoat is waterproof cheaper raincoats tend to be stiff, like you are wearing a thick plastic coat.  The Arshiner Raincoat is soft to the touch (it doesn’t feel like plastic) and is flexible.  The coat is fully lined and it has a zippered closure as well as 2 snaps.

The coat is pink but is striped so it has a lighter and darker shade of pink.  It has two pockets and an attached hood.  The stitching, as always is even with no gaps and the sleeves are turned up, however, if your child needs the extra arm length it looks perfect without being turned up.

If you want your child to stand apart from the rest then you should consider this raincoat.  It has all the qualities of a high end raincoat without the huge price tag.

You can purchase the Arshiner Girl’s Raincoat on and

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A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.

Arshiner Girl’s Trench Coat

Little Red Riding Hood

This isn’t the first time I have featured items from Arshiner, and I’m sure it won’t be the last because they have so many adorable things for little girls that are also very well made.

I have simply fallen in love with this little red coat!  First lets talk about the color.  I am sure I am not the only one that has ordered things that were red online and when they arrived it was not the red you expected, or it was a washed out red, or just simply not actually red.  Let me tell you this coat is an absolutely beautiful shade of red, a rich shade that is not in the least washed out looking.  I love how the big black buttons stand out against the red and am so happy they didn’t design it with small buttons, because these buttons really add something to the design.

The jacket is also very well made, features a nice lining and the hood is detachable thankfully because you may not always want, or need a hood so being able to keep it off is important.  I can just see this coat with a black velvet dress underneath going to a holiday event.  Ok, so obviously I am in love with this Arshiner Coat and you will be too.  It also comes in a lovely Khaki color in Canada and Khaki and Pink in the U.S.

You can purchase this Arshiner Girls Trench Coat on and

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A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.

The Princess and the Tutu

Arshiner Girls Tutu

Every little girls dream is to look like a ballerina or a princess with ruffles and lace.  They love dressing up to play or for photo shoots or putting on an adorable tutu to wear to dance class.  Well, I have come across the most adorable little tutu that I want to share with you.  This is a very well made tutu that does not become nearly transparent when stretched as many less quality tutu’s do.  It has this lovely satin ribbon around the entire top of it and it has a cute heart shaped neckline.  The straps are nice and wide and have elastic inside so they are sure to stay up and not fall down.  The tutu part is made of 3 layers of tulle, 2 plain black and the top one with silver sparkles.  The back has 3 adorable little crosses of velvet ribbon giving it a laced effect.  An exceptional little item that any little girl will love.  This item is available in black, light blue, pink and purple.

This item can be purchased on both and

Disclaimer:  This product was provided for free for the purpose of a review.