Evecase Backpack Diaper Bag

Great to repurpose!

I am a huge fan of products who can serve more than purpose during their life span.  It is a great way to get your monies worth out of the bag.  Repurposing makes both economical and ecological sense.  This Evecase Backpack is everything you need for baby but is not “babyish” in any way so once baby doesn’t need it, you can then repurpose it as an ordinary backpack to bring on hikes or carry things in.  The pouches for baby bottles would fit water bottles perfectly as well as a flashlight and the pouches for diaper and baby items can revert to places to keep some energy bars and first aid kit etc.

This backpack looks sporty and since it doesn’t look like a diaper bag, it might appeal to the dads out there that would prefer to carry the backpack on their back rather than in their hand.  it is also a shape most people are used to having around.  Don’t worry though, it has everything you need in a diaper bag.  It has 4 inside pouches suitable for bottles and other things, 2 mesh pockets for storing other items and a large zippered pocket.  It has a wide bottom so there is plenty of room for things like extra diapers, bibs, change of clothes and anything else you need.  What’s more, it has removable straps to attach it to a baby stroller or a shopping cart/ buggy.  The inside can be easily wiped clean with a soapy cloth or even a baby wipe.  The outside has another large pocket as well as a couple of pockets for water or additional baby bottles.

You can purchase this Evecase Diaper Bag on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com

Be sure to watch my video review of the Evecase Diaper Bag


A sample of the Evecase Diaper Bag Backpack was provided by the manufacturer.


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