Pilgrim Teo Aromatherapy Diffuser

For those with discerning tastes

I have expensive tastes and would rather have one very nice thing than 10 cheap things because the more expensive item will generally be better made and therefore last longer and it is generally more unique looking and I will probably not tire of it as easily.

This folks is one exquisite looking Cool Mist Humidifier.  It is made of real Beech Wood on the bottom that is silky smooth.  On the top is unglazed ceramic in the same ridged pattern.  It looks modern, it looks rustic, it looks simply perfect!

Now most aromatherapy units go through this 7 color light change which is nice, but I am so glad they chose not to do it with this one as I think it would cheapen it.  Instead they just have a warm white light that you can leave on, or have it slowly dim and brighten.

Now something of this quality does come at a more expensive price but to me it is totally worth it as I would rather have just one and it look like this than several cheaper looking ones around the house.

You can purchase this amazing piece of decor at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com


A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.


Author: Dee

I'm a shopoholic that works from home giving me plenty of time to do what I love....reviewing

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