Edota 3 Pack Lightening Cables

This is a 3 pack of iOS (lightening) cables for Apple products.  Inside is three different sized cables, a 3ft, a 6ft and a 10ft.  This means you will have a cable for whatever need you might have.  I like to keep a 3ft one by my bed because there is a plug right there and I don’t need, nor want a long cable there.  The 6ft cable I keep in the family room so that I can plug my device in and have enough length so I can comfortably use it while charging.  As for the 10ft cable, that is the size I usually bring with me since I never know where I will find a plug and how much length I will need.  There have been times I have had to crawl under a desk in a hotel room and leave my phone under the desk because the cable just wasn’t long enough to reach where I needed it to go.  The 10ft cable makes sure I have enough length to plug in anywhere.

They also come with little Velcro straps so you can keep them coiled up nicely when not in use so you won’t end up with a tangled mess of cords.

These cables are also nylon braided which I prefer as I find they always last longer than the unbraided variety and that cuts down costs on replacement.  The tips are also securely attached so that when you pull them out of the wall, they aren’t going to detach from the cord or cause a short.

Edota gives you all this at an astonishing low price.  You simply can’t go wrong with this 3 pack of cables.  This Edota cable set is available on Amazon.ca


Volutz Lightening Cables

If you are like us, we have multiple Apple products in our home and always seem to have a shortage of cords.  Either they get lost, they stop working or people “borrow” them accidentally.

When we first started buying cables we wanted longer ones and so I purchased my fair share of cheap cords.  Well, they were cheap in more ways than one, they were not only cheap to buy, but cheaply made.  They only lasted a couple of weeks, sometimes a month at most and pretty soon we had a collection of cords around the house and when we needed to charge a device, it was difficult to find a cord that worked.

I have come a long way since then and it takes a good deal to impress me when it comes to Lightening cables.  The Volutz cables have all the things I look for in quality cables, but they come at a reasonable price.  So what do they have that I look for?

  • Braided nylon cable because in my experience they not only last longer, but don’t tangle as much.
  • Longer length at 6.5 feet because so many of us need to use our devices while they are charging.
  • Quality ends, and these ones have great little grips to aid in removing the cables from the devices.
  • Velcro strap that allows you to roll up the cord and keep it rolled up or only unroll it a certain amount and keep the rest of it coiled.
  • They are Apple MFI Certified so they won’t give you error messages.

So not only do these cords work well, charging my phone quicker than other cables, but they also look awesome!

You can purchase the Voltz cables on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com