Naipo Wireless Eye Massager

One of the best things about writing a review blog is you are able to test out items you never knew existed like this Naipo Wireless Eye Massager with Heat & Music.

When it came time to actually test the item prior to writing this blog post, I had been suffering from a mild headache all day, probably caused by stress over having 200 things to do today.

Now this mask fits over your eyes and has sections inside of it that inflate, like back massagers.  You can choose to have different music selections on in every mode.  Music selections are actually calming sounds such as crickets, bubbling brook etc.  The modes you can choose from are:

Sleep Mode:  This mode has the air compressor on, so you will get the massage effect and the heat is on.  You can choose to have th

Medium Mode:  This one lasts for 15 minutes and there is heat and vibration in this mode, but no air compressor.

Hard Mode:  This one lasts for 20 minutes and includes heat, vibration and the air compressor as well.

My favorite was the hard mode.  I have to admit, I was taken aback by the feel of it at first, almost like having a blood pressure cuff on, but within 30 seconds, I was noticing that I was very much enjoying the massage it was creating, especially around my temples.  After about 5 minutes in this mode, I also noticed I no longer had a headache.

This device is charged via USB and the cable comes with the product, but what they also include is a wall plug for the USB cord.  This is a rarity, since it is the first product I have reviewed that included a wall plug, all other products you had to plug into your laptop or use your own wall plug.  It’s little things like this that show me this company cares about the customers complete experience.

If you suffer from stress, headaches etc. this might just be the thing you need to relax you and make your day better.

You can purchase the Naipo Eye Massager on both and


Author: Dee

I'm a shopoholic that works from home giving me plenty of time to do what I love....reviewing

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