COREDY Wifi Range Extender

Does your Internet suck in certain areas of your house farthest away from your modem?  Well welcome to the club of utter frustration that I used to belong to, but not any more.

I live in a high density area where cable signals seem to compete.  In certain rooms of our house we literally had no WiFi which was frustrating.  Sure, we could use an Ethernet cable but who wants cords everywhere?  It caused a great deal of frustration in our house, especially for me who does so much on the Internet.

When I was asked to review this WiFi Extender I was extremely anxious to give it a go with the hopes it might solve our problems but wasn’t sure exactly how it would work and hoped it wasn’t too complicated to set up.

Well, much to my delight it came with extremely simple ways to set it up and it took minutes to get it going.  So how does it work?  Well, you place the extender in an ordinary electrical  wall plug 1/2 way between your modem and the trouble area.  You then connect the WiFi Extender to your modem.  The WiFi extender then sends out its own signal (like it’s own modem) and in trouble areas you don’t connect to your modem, but instead connect to the WiFi extender.

So did it work for us?  It sure did!  I now have the choice between logging into our modem or logging into the Extender on every device.  If in a room with bad reception, I choose the Extender and in rooms closest to the modem, I connect to it.

Simple solution to a problem that has plagued us for the past couple of years.  I just wish I would have known something like this existed as I would have saved us a lot of frustration.

You can purchase the COREDY WiFi Extender on and


Author: Dee

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