GRANDO Bluetooth Headphones

I honestly love 90% of the things I get in for review.  Some companies send quality items in packaging that leaves something to be desired.  To me, packaging counts, because I believe when you produce a quality product you should pay attention to details such as packaging.  You want people to have a great experience right from the start.

GRANDO is one of those companies, that pay attention to detail.  When their noise cancelling headphones arrived in a plain brown box I was like meh… then I opened the box and instead of seeing a pair of headphones sitting in the box, I saw a lovely carrying case!  My “meh” went to wow!  It didn’t stop there though because also tucked in the carrying case was a nice velvet kind of bag you could also store your headphones in.  That is the way it should always be, a quality product that comes with something to store them in!

I was very anxious to try out their headphones so I plugged them in right away and charged them up.  I had no issues at all connecting them to both my phone and an mp3 player.  Noise cancellation was pretty good and I was very impressed with the sound quality.  I also tested them making phone calls and the people I spoke to said they could hear me just fine, so the built in microphone works great as well.

Style wise I really like them.  I guess you could call them “slim line” meaning they are not overly bulky like some other brands I have tried so they are more comfortable for longer for me.  They have a classic look, nothing too funky which appeals to the more mature people as well.

Overall I am very pleased with the esthetics, performance and packaging of this product.

You can purchase these headphones at as well as


Author: Dee

I'm a shopoholic that works from home giving me plenty of time to do what I love....reviewing

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