Smart Weigh Culinary Kitchen Scale

When this scale arrived all I could say is “Wow”, it felt like Christmas and I was like a kid with a brand new toy.  I never used a kitchen scale and then when I finally got one I wondered how I possibly lived without one.  So what exactly do I use a kitchen scale for?

Repackaging Meat
I buy most of my meat from a local butcher shop that has great sales.  So when things like lean ground beef go on sale I will order large 25lb bags of it and then repackage it into 1lb packages and store them in vacuum sealed bags in my freezer.  I used to guess what 1lb of beef looked like but I was always off, usually by up to 1/2 lb!

Weighing Dough
I make homemade rolls often and the only way I have found to get all the rolls the same size is to weigh the dough like bakeries do.  Having your rolls all the same size also means they are all cooked evenly.

Many recipes from Europe that I try list their ingredients in weight rather than volume and having a scale is an absolute must.  I also cook bulk recipes I have scooped up from some bakeries that are also listed in volume.  Having a scale allows you to try out many recipes from other countries!

General Food Weighing
I make up individual meals for the freezer and know about how much in weight we generally consume so I will weigh it out to make sure there is enough in each serving without have leftovers.  So I weigh out things like Chili, Pasta, Chicken Fried Rice to then pop in the freezer.

Weight Confirmation
Sometimes I will purchase prepacked quantities from things like the market like apples, small potatoes,grape  tomatoes etc. and I will sometimes weigh them when I get home to verify their weight.  There are now certain vendors at the market I no longer buy for because they will offer a 3 lb package of tomatoes for $3 but when weighed at home there will be significantly less than a pound.

Postal Meter
When making up little “care” packages to send to my daughters I am aware that with a given size box,  the cost will remain the same if it is within a certain weight range so I will add items to it to get it close to the maximum weight.  Over time I am able to send my daughters far more items because I weigh things than if I didn’t.

Ok, so now that I have told you why I use a scale in my kitchen, let me tell you why I am so excited about this kitchen scale.  This scale has 2 sides to it, one larger than the other.  I can use each side separately, or if you like you, it will give you a combined weight of what is on both scales.  It has a Tare function for both scales so I can put a large container to weigh things like flour and sugar and put a small container on the small side to weigh things like spices.

This scale not only looks great, it is highly accurate and offers far more than I have ever had in a kitchen scale.  I am also pretty amazed with how economical it is and I feel completely spoiled having it in my kitchen.

You can purchase this scale on and


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