Holan LED Desk Lamp

Once the sun goes down my house just doesn’t seem to have enough light.  There are no ceiling fixtures except in the kitchen and bathroom so we rely on lamps however the lamps are not always enough so we always keep a spare light or two that we move around to wherever we made need it.

This HOLAN Desk Lamp is perfect for us.  It sheds an impressive amount of light for it’s size, and the head of the lamp can be adjusted so you can direct light wherever you need it.  Not only that but you can choose between cool white and warm light which really comes in handy for things like makeup application, videos, photography etc.

Other features are a brightness control, and a one hour timer which is great if you are using it to read before bed so it turns off by itself, or to turn it on before you leave the house so the house appears lived in for a little longer.

The lamp is aesthetically appealing with a bit of a modern look to it and it is light enough to bring to wherever you need it.  So if you are looking for an office light, and extra light for a makeup room or craft room, or just to have an extra like we do, this lamp is one you should consider.  It’s easy on the budget too, costing less than your average pizza delivery order.

You can purchase this lamp on Amazon.ca a very similar one on  Amazon.com


Author: Dee

I'm a shopoholic that works from home giving me plenty of time to do what I love....reviewing

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