SIBBA Knitted Slipper Boots

I was very excited to get this slippers in because winter is coming and because I have almost all tile and hardwood floors, the floor always seems cold unless you are wearing slippers.  They have to be the rubber bottomed kind, otherwise the cold just seeps through the material.

Well when these slippers came in the first thing I thought was that they looked very much like boots and the more I looked at their construction the more I understood that they are made in such a way that you could most definitely use them outdoors.

First of all the sole of the boot is stiffer and not flimsy so will withstand the rigors of walking on pavement, gravel etc.  Secondly the knit part of the boot is actually lined and they are very warm.  Even the bottom insole has nice thick padding to keep your feet warm.

So it looks like my new slipper will end up being a new pair of boots which I don’t mind at all.  At this price point it is dang near impossible to find boots, so I will use them as boots and go on the hunt for slippers.  Don’t worry though, if you have these in mind for slippers they would work well and probably last forever!

You can purchase the SIBBA Boot / Slippers on and

Be sure to watch my video review of the SIBBA Boots

A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.



Author: Dee

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