Arshiner Girl’s Raincoat

Dancing in the rain…

I have always been very particular about children’s clothing.  I want it to be high quality and classic and have always stayed away from the typical cartoon character clothing that most children wear.  I did allow the kids to wear character pajamas, but as far as everything else, there was very little of it in their wardrobes.  It wasn’t just that I disliked it, it was that every other child was wearing it and I wanted my children to stand out, and also because it tended to be cheaply made and fell apart easily.

Quality, classic clothing not only lasts but can be handed down to other children, but they won’t look like worn out hand-me-downs.  They still retain that upscale touch through the years if properly taken care of.

I love the Arshiner brand of clothing and this raincoat for little girls is just adorable and very well made.  First of all lets talk fabric.  While it is important to make sure a raincoat is waterproof cheaper raincoats tend to be stiff, like you are wearing a thick plastic coat.  The Arshiner Raincoat is soft to the touch (it doesn’t feel like plastic) and is flexible.  The coat is fully lined and it has a zippered closure as well as 2 snaps.

The coat is pink but is striped so it has a lighter and darker shade of pink.  It has two pockets and an attached hood.  The stitching, as always is even with no gaps and the sleeves are turned up, however, if your child needs the extra arm length it looks perfect without being turned up.

If you want your child to stand apart from the rest then you should consider this raincoat.  It has all the qualities of a high end raincoat without the huge price tag.

You can purchase the Arshiner Girl’s Raincoat on and

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A sample of this product was provided by the manufacturer.


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