Yoboko Women’s Wallet

I, like many women have a wallet collection.  Although I have some favorites I will use with any purse I am using, I also like the option of matching my wallet to my purse.  About 85% of all my wallets tend to be on the large side, I don’t care for little wallets too much, as they just can’t hold all the things I usually keep in a wallet.  Exceptions are made however if it exactly matches a small purse and I know if I am going to be using the small purse, it will be a one day thing so I can forgo putting everything into the matching wallet.

This Yoboko Women’s Wallet impressed me right from the lovely box it came in.  The wallet itself has large embossed flowers on it and one large zipper that opens up the wallet.  There are no outside pockets or zippers.

The inside is very large  has 4 cards on each side of the wallet for at total of 8 slots.  It also has a pocket behind the card slots on each side suitable for paper currency.  In front of these areas is a good size area to put other items.  In the center is another area to put personal items as well as a zippered pouch suitable for coins.  There is just so much room in this wallet and I really like it because you just undo the one zipper and everything is right in front of you without having to open multiple zippers or snaps to find something.

It’s a beautiful, quality made wallet that is suitable for gift giving.  It is available in the following colors:  black, light blue, orange, red, rose, tan, violet and yellow.  With so many color choices there is a perfect one for everyone on your list, or buy multiple ones to match different purses or seasons.

You can purchase the Yoboko Women’s Wallet on Amazon.ca and a very similar wallet can be found on Amazon.com

You can watch my video review


A sample of this product was provided for the purposes of a review.



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