AMAKE WiFi Smart Power Plug

I have to admit I absolutely love useful gadgets and when I find a great one, I can’t help but want to tell everyone about it.

This wifi smart plug is a pretty easy concept, think of it like those old fashioned timers you would set when you went away for the weekend to make people think you were at home.  They are also the ones that drove me nuts because they were big, limited in what they could do and didn’t always work.

Well welcome to the age of technology!  This plug connects directly to your wifi and once you install the app on a smart phone or tablet you can set it up to work when you want it.  You can:

  • Set up scheduled timer
  • Set up count down timer
  • Set up cycled timer
  • Set up charging protection

With the ability to set this up so many different ways there are limitless ways you can use it.

You can purchase the Pilgrim Collection Black Cool Mist Humidifier on and

You can watch my video review for the AMAKE Wifi Plug


This sample of this product was provided to me for the purposes of a review.


Author: Dee

I'm a shopoholic that works from home giving me plenty of time to do what I love....reviewing

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